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Micro, Cottage and Small Industry Promotion Center MCSIPC

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, Micro, Cottage and Small Industry Promotion Center (MCSIPC - Laghu, Gharelu Tatha Sana Udhyog Prabardan Kendra), Tripureshwar, Kathmandu Information regarding training.

According to the annual program of Micro, Cottage and Small Industry Promotion Center (MCSIPC) this year 2079/80 house wiring, entrepreneurship development, food processing, pattern sewing (basic, advanced), fashion design, crystal material production, Beautician (basic, Advance), plumbing, mobile repair, motorcycle repair, coffee shop, bakery while basic training will be conducted; Those interested in taking training and doing business in the future are requested to submit an online application within 21 (twenty-one) days from the date of publication of this notice by visiting the online application portal at MCSIPC website notice is published for the information of all concerned. 

On the notice board on the said website, the applicant's eligibility, the method of submitting the online application, and other detailed information related to this notice are available, so it is advised to submit the application by visiting it.

More information related to these training will be published on the notice board of the MCSIPC website, and all concerned are informed through this notice.

1) Candidates will not be charged any fee for participating in the training.

2) Candidates must be Nepali citizens, must be 18 years old, and able to read and write.

3) Documents to be submitted along with the online application (image file): The image file (png, jpg, or jpeg) of the following documents must be submitted along with the online application.

a) Certificate of Nepalese citizenship

b) Passport size photograph

c) Certificate of Educational Qualification

d) Open documents that belong to the target group

e) Maximum 2 pages in business plan essay

f) Certificate of previous basic training for advanced pattern sewing, fashion design, and advanced beautician training

(4) Candidates will be selected considering the business plan submitted by qualified applicants as the main criterion. A business plan proposal format is posted on Baywait's notice board at the center.

5) Poor, economically disadvantaged, Dalits, tribals, tribals, women, Madhesi and marginalized backward minorities, parents, martyrs' families, conflict victims, unemployed, and semi-unemployed are listed in the employment information center, including micro, domestic and small businesses on the website of this center. Special priority will be given to the people who belong to the target group specified by Section 4 of the Industry Promotion Training Working Committee Operating Procedure 2077. The opening documents that belong to the target group must be submitted.

6) Information about the time period and place of the training year will be published on the MCSIPC website to inform the selected applicants.

7० Place of training:- Even if the trainees choose the place of training according to their interest through an online application, the place chosen by this center will be implemented within the limits of resources, physical infrastructure, time, and availability of examiners, number of applicants.

8) No action will be taken on applications not received within the deadline.

9) If an appropriate number of applications are not received or for any other reason, the center may partially or fully modify and cancel the training schedule.

10) Last date to submit the application - within 24-04-2079.

11) For more information, the address and contact number of the center mentioned on the website of the center can be contacted.

12) The application may be canceled because the details and documents to be submitted in the online application are not filled or are not clear, so the applicant should thoroughly check before submitting the application.

13) Trainee will not get any kind of allowance and facility if he participates in the training.

14) Candidates should check the notification of their selection, the place, time, and date of the training by looking at the notification placed on the notice board of this Ken's website from time to time. In this regard, no hearing will be done if there is a demand or notice, or complaint for giving separate personal information.

15) Application for more than two training cannot be given. Applicants will be encouraged to choose a course according to their professional interests.

Contact Details:

Micro, Cottage, and Small Industry Promotion Center (MCSIPC - Laghu, Gharelu Tatha Sana Udhyog Prabardan Kendra),

Tripureshwar, Kathmandu


Email: [email protected]

 Phone: 01-4251538

(Published Date:- 2079-04-04)

Online Application Link (अनलाइन आवेदन यहाँ बाट दिनुहाेस): 

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