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Nepal International Theater Festival 2022 from Nov 25 to Dec 3 in Kathmandu

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Nepal International Theater Festival 2022

The second edition of 'Nepal International Theater Festival 2022' (NITFest) is going to be organized with the slogan 'Theatre for Social Transformation: A Celebration of Diversity. The first edition of the festival, which was completed in 2019, was said to be held every two years, but due to various reasons, it is being held at Mandala Theater from November 25 to December 3.

Dayahang Rai, founder president of Mandla Natak Ghar, informed that the festival was organized to increase the tradition of watching drama. "We participate in various festivals abroad, but we have started this to see why such festivals are not happening in our country. We want to celebrate drama as a festival", he said. Festival director Srijan Subba said that since it is a difficult situation to manage the drama house itself, it has been started in accordance with the preparations to organize it in two years.

Announcing the list and staging schedule of plays selected from around the world in Knitfest 2022, director Subba informed that a total of 32 plays will be staged in the festival of the 22 plays selected. "The totality of art, culture, political-social environment and situation, feelings and emotions of different countries will be found in the festival", he said. In the list published by the organizer Mandala Theater Nepal, the staging schedule of six plays from Nepal and 16 plays selected from applications received from around the world has been published.

The festival includes plays from Nepal, India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Italy, Spain, Britain, Belarus, Egypt, the United States, Uruguay, and Argentina. According to the schedule, there will be one to five stagings of different plays every day in three locations of Mandala Theatre, the main theater, the studio, and the open premises. It is mentioned that nine plays will be staged two each in the festival. The nine-day festival will be held from Mangsir 9 to Mangsir 17 (November 25-December 3). Two Nepali plays will be staged on the opening day and one on the closing day.

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