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Ninth Edition of the Nepal Literature Festival in Sarangkot, Pokhara

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Ninth Edition of the Nepal Literature Festival in Sarangkot, Pokhara:

The ninth edition of the IME Nepal Literature Festival is scheduled to be held in Pokhara on December 14 and 15, 2077 (December 29 and 30, 2020).

Previously, the festival was being held on the banks of Fewatal, but this time it will be held at Sarangkot Danda, according to the organizer Bookworm Foundation. Another difference this time is the format of the festival. The festival, which has been attended by hundreds of spectators, will be virtual this time.

The festival will be inaugurated on the eve of the festival on the 13th of Poush, said Neeraj Bhari, executive director of the festival.

There will be a mehfil program of Amrit Subedi with Pradip Rodan that evening. The next day there will be a scholarly discourse by economist Bishwa Poudel.

This edition of the festival will have 16 sessions and more than 40 speakers, said festival director Ajit Baral. All the sessions of the festival will be broadcast live on social media and the festival's official YouTube channel.

Baral said that writers, journalists, artists, and prominent personalities will be the speakers at the ninth edition of the festival.

"We have been confused for a long time about whether to organize the ninth edition of the festival because of Covid," said Baral, director of the festival, at a press conference in Pokhara.

He said, "We have started organizing the festival after the voice was raised that the festival should be continued even if it is virtual."

Bhari, the executive director of the festival, also said that they have moved ahead thinking that the festival should be continued despite the transitional period of Kovid-19.

"Physically, it was a dream to organize the festival in the presence of spectators and listeners," he said, "but it was not possible due to the growing contagion of covid and the government's need to comply with health standards."

Keshav Sharan Lamichhane, president of Random Readers Society, the co-organizer, said that the festival and their efforts were to introduce Pokhara through literature. ‘Pokhara is known as Machhapuchchhre and Fewatal,’ he said; ‘Literature has also come to be known now. The festival and our effort are to introduce Pokhara through literature. '

Anikarma, a member of the festival organizing body, said that the Nepal Literature Festival has succeeded in developing reading culture among the youth of Pokhara.

‘It provides an opportunity to meet your favorite writers, artists, and celebrities under one roof; She said, "Even though we could not get this opportunity due to Kovid-19 at present, this year we will connect with literary lovers and well-wishers in the country and abroad through YouTube Live."

The festival has been organized in Pokhara since 2016 under the slogan 'Where words come alive'. According to the organizers, the festival has been promoting not only art and literature but also ideas and the critical consciousness of the society.