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Phewa New Year Festival 2080 Kicks Off in Pokhara's Lakeside

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Phewa New Year Festival 2080

Phewa New Year Festival 2080 Kicks Off in Pokhara's Lakeside

The 18th Phewa New Year Festival 2080 commenced on 12th April 2023 (29th Chaitra 2079) in Pokhara's Lakeside, organized by Hotel Association Pokhara Nepal. The three-day festival aims to promote tourism, culture, and food, and includes a variety of food dishes and cultural performances such as panche baja, dance and singing, bhajanchudka, and song and music programs.

Dhanraj Acharya, head of Pokhara Metropolitan Municipality, inaugurated the festival, which is being held on the road from local Khare to Fistel Gate. Laxman Subedi, chairman of the organizing association and coordinator of the festival, announced a 20 percent discount on published hotel rates during the festival. The festival aims to revive tourism, which was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of thousands of jobs.

Binayak Shah, the first vice president of the Hotel Association of Nepal, emphasized the need for the government and private sector to work together to promote flights from Pokhara International Airport to foreign countries. He also suggested that the government should provide guidance on the country's post-COVID-19 strategy and clarify the national strategy of Awa.

Hari Prasad Sharma Gaihre, president of Hotel Association Nepal Gandaki, called for international flights to be operated from Pokhara's new airport as soon as possible, even if done through diplomatic efforts. He expressed disappointment that Pokhreli's dream of flying abroad from here has not yet been fulfilled and questioned whether the Po airport was inaugurated in haste.

During the program, Chief Metropolitan Acharya stated that the proposal to declare Pokhara as a tourist city has reached the chief secretary's desk and if the federal government does not announce it, the provincial government and the metropolis will jointly announce it. Along with this announcement, Ratna Mandir and Himagriha will also be opened for the public.

Pomnarayan Shrestha, chairman of the Pokhara Tourism Council, informed that discussions were held with the Prime Minister to operate international flights as soon as possible from Pokhara's new airport. He also discussed the need to speed up the upgradation of the Prithviraj Highway and address the issues faced by businessmen due to high bank interest.

The festival was supported by Pokhara Metropolitan City and promoted by Nepal Tourism Board. Aarti was performed in the program on behalf of Talbarahi Aarti Seva Samiti, and singer Jeevan Dahal also recited his song on the occasion. The program was conducted by Rajendra Dhakal, general secretary and campaign coordinator of the association.

Published on 13th April 2023

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