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PMEP Notice to Participate in Virtual Training

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Prime Minister Employment Program

Prime Minister Employment Program (PMEP) Notice to Participate in Virtual Training:

PMEP (Prime Minister Employment Program) Notice to Participate in Virtual Training

Government of Nepal Singha Durbar, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Kathmandu, Nepal

Rural municipality/municipality as per the attached list.

Via: Shri Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Singha Durbar.

Subject: Regarding participating in Virtual Training.

In connection with the above, project selection, operation and management of internal employment promotion, implementation of Prime Minister's Employment Program and Transformation Initiative for Youth Employment (Youth), and reporting of physical and financial progress; As per the schedule of the attached program, the training will be conducted through the virtual system. As per the decision, there is a request for the participation of the local level Chief Administrative Officer, Employment Coordinator, and Head of Financial Administration Branch in the session related to financial administration.

P.S .: In the training program, work related to internal employment, right and employment-related acts and regulations, Prime Minister Employment Program (PMEP), guidelines, youth guidelines, etc. will be discussed.


1) Details of the participating local level

2) Program schedule

Note: If you have any questions/queries regarding the above-mentioned program, Kanut, or other issues, please enter them at

Date: 2077-06-15