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Pooja Sharma Inaugurated Edvoy Study Abroad Expo UK and Canada

Event 20 Sep 2022 322 0

Edvoy Study Abroad Expo UK and Canada

Pooja Sharma Inaugurated Edvoy's Abroad Study Expo. Advoy's Abroad Study Expo has started at Aranya Boutique Hotel in Hattisar, Kathmandu.

There was significant participation of students in the expo. Students received counseling services focused in UK and Canada. At the expo, representatives of prestigious universities tried to satisfy the curiosity of Nepali students.

More than 15 universities from UK and Canada participated in the expo. According to Philip DC, Country Director of Edvoy Nepal, more than 5,00 students visited the expo. The students got the facility of spot assessment, additional scholarship facility, and prompt offer letter with consultation from university representatives.

According to Edvoy, students interacted face to face with representatives of universities, colleges, and institutes from the UK and Canada at the expo.

Edvoy said that the expo was organized with the aim of providing the offer letter within two days after solving the visa-related, scholarship-related, and other queries of the students from the representatives of the related educational institutions.