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Ratan Pandey Secondary School Celebrates 66th Anniversary and Parents' Day with Grand Event

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Ratan Pandey Secondary School Celebrates 66th Anniversary and Parents' Day with Grand Event

Ratan Pandey Secondary School in Pokhara recently commemorated its 66th anniversary along with a special Parents' Day celebration. The event also included a prize distribution ceremony and marked the inauguration of the newly constructed school trust building. The program was graced by the presence of Pokhara Mayor, Dhanraj Acharya, who inaugurated the event.

Pokhara Mayor Emphasizes on the Importance of Education and Quality in Public Schools

During his speech at the event, Mayor Dhanraj Acharya highlighted the significant investment made in the education sector of Pokhara Metropolitan City. However, he expressed concern over the inadequate returns from these investments. In an effort to enhance the quality of education, he announced plans to increase the cost of lunch in public schools. The Mayor emphasized the need for professional, competitive, and technology-friendly education in the future. He assured the audience that the Metropolitan Municipality is fully committed to supporting and maintaining the quality of public schools.

Eminent Figures Share Insights and Inspiration at the Event

Prominent personalities such as Kiran Baral, president of Pokhara 13, Darshan Lama, outgoing president, Hem Prasad Acharya, head of education department of Pokhara Metropolitan Municipality, Dilliram Bhushal, principal of Chorepatan High School, and Tirtha Bahadur Basnet, president of Kon Sahakari, were among the notable speakers at the event. Their speeches shed light on various educational aspects and inspired the attendees.

Outstanding Individuals Honored for Their Contributions

The school recognized and honored exceptional individuals who have made noteworthy contributions. Meen KC was awarded the "Best Teacher of the Year" title, while long-service awards were presented to teachers Radhadevi Baral and Sangita Pokharel. Geeta Baral received the prestigious "Best Parent of the Year" award, and Saraswati Devkota was acknowledged as the "Best Employee of the Year." Bishnu Prasad Dahal was recognized as the "Best Secondary School Teacher," Savitri Koirala as the "Best Lower Secondary Teacher" Sita Paudel as the "Best Primary Teacher," and Sumitra Baral as the "Best Teacher and Former Teacher." Additionally, Abhishek Baral was honored as the "Best Student of the Year."

Appreciating the Support of Generous Donors

The event also extended its gratitude to the donors who have generously supported the school. Their contributions were recognized and honored, highlighting the significant role they play in the development of educational institutions.

Celebrating Academic Excellence with Awards and Scholarships

As part of the ceremony, academic awards were bestowed upon the deserving students of Class 10, including the distribution of tracksuits. Scholarships were also presented to commendable students, encouraging and motivating them to pursue their educational journeys.

Cultural Programs Enthrall the Audience

Students showcased their talents through various captivating cultural performances, adding a touch of vibrancy and entertainment to the event. The audience enjoyed the diverse range of presentations and appreciated the artistic abilities displayed by the students.

Principal's Report Highlights School Progress

Principal Dilliram Baral presented the annual progress report, shedding light on the school's achievements, developments, and future plans. The report provided valuable insights into the school's academic and extracurricular endeavors, reinforcing its commitment to delivering high-quality education.

Successful Event Organized by School Management Committee

The event was presided over by School Management Committee Chairman, Sharadchandra Baral, who ensured the smooth coordination of the entire program. Teacher Parents Association President Ramchandra Baral extended a warm welcome to the attendees, while teacher

Savitri Koirala took charge as the program's conductor, ensuring the seamless flow of activities throughout the event. Their combined efforts contributed to the successful organization and execution of the program.

Community Engagement and Support

The celebration of the school's anniversary, parents' day, and the opening of the new trust building brought together not only the school community but also various stakeholders and supporters from the local community. This event served as a platform for fostering strong bonds between the school, parents, students, and the wider community, reinforcing the importance of collaborative efforts in promoting education.

Commitment to Excellence in Education

Ratan Pandey Secondary School, with its rich history spanning 66 years, continues to uphold its commitment to providing quality education. The event showcased the school's dedication to recognizing and rewarding outstanding teachers, students, and parents while also acknowledging the vital role of donors and supporters in the school's growth and development.

Empowering Students through Scholarships and Awards

By awarding scholarships and acknowledging academic achievements, the school encourages students to strive for excellence and pursue their educational goals. These initiatives not only recognize students' hard work and dedication but also inspire them to reach greater heights in their academic endeavors.

Promoting Cultural Diversity and Talent

The cultural programs presented by the students showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region. The performances not only entertained the audience but also promoted diversity, creativity, and talent among the students. Such events create a platform for students to explore their artistic abilities, instilling confidence and fostering a sense of pride in their cultural roots.

Government Support for Public Education

Mayor Dhanraj Acharya's presence at the event and his commitment to enhancing the quality of public schools demonstrated the government's dedication to improving the education sector. By acknowledging the challenges and emphasizing the need for professional and technology-friendly education, the mayor's speech highlighted the importance of collaboration between the government and educational institutions to create a conducive learning environment.

Future Prospects and Growth

The inauguration of the newly constructed school trust building symbolizes the school's commitment to growth and expansion. This infrastructure development will provide enhanced facilities and resources, creating an environment conducive to effective teaching and learning. The event served as a stepping stone toward a promising future for Ratan Pandey Secondary School and its students.

Overall, The 66th-anniversary celebration, parents' day, prize distribution, and inauguration of the new trust building at Ratan Pandey Secondary School in Pokhara were a testament to the school's rich history, commitment to excellence, and collaborative efforts. With the support of the community, dedicated teachers, and visionary leadership, the school continues to provide a nurturing environment for students to thrive academically, culturally, and personally. Such events not only celebrate achievements but also inspire and motivate everyone involved to strive for continuous improvement in education.

Published on 9th May 2023

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