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Sunway College Kathmandu Hosts AI Workshop for 'Plus Two' Students

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Sunway College Kathmandu Hosts AI Workshop

Sunway College Kathmandu Hosts AI Workshop for 'Plus Two' Students

Sunway College, situated in Maiti Devi, Kathmandu, is organizing a five-day workshop for students who have completed their Class 12 exams. The focus of this workshop is to provide comprehensive information about Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Workshop Details

  • Date: Starting from 31st Baishakh 2081 (Monday)
  • Duration: Five days
  • Location: Sunway College, Kathmandu
  • Target Audience: Students who have given the 'Plus Two' class 12 exam

Workshop Objectives

Professor Khusal Regmi, a faculty member at Sunway College, stated that the main goal of this workshop is to introduce students to the fascinating world of AI. The workshop aims to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical experience with AI technologies.

Key Features of the Workshop

  • AI Language Models: Students will learn about the basics and applications of AI language models.
  • Robotic Vehicle Creation: Participants will engage in hands-on activities, such as building a driverless 'Robotic Vehicle'.
  • Practical Experience: The workshop includes various activities designed to give students a practical understanding of new AI technologies.

Collaboration and Scholarships

Sunway College has a four-year collaboration with Birmingham City University, UK, for teaching statistical science at the undergraduate level. As part of this workshop, 34 participating students will be awarded scholarships related to AI, encouraging further studies and research in this cutting-edge field.


This workshop represents a unique opportunity for students to explore the world of AI and gain valuable skills that will be beneficial for their future academic and professional pursuits. Sunway College is dedicated to providing high-quality education and practical experiences to help students thrive in an increasingly technological world.


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