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Third Kirat Rai Academic Symposium in Kathmandu from 2079 Falgun 6-7

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Third Kirat Rai Academic Symposium in Kathmandu from 2079 Falgun 6-7 Notice

The third Kirat Rai Academic Symposium of Kirat Rai Academic Council is scheduled to be held in Kathmandu on the 6th and 7th of Phalgun 2079.

The Council has also invited the call for symposium papers for the academic symposium. The symposium paper should be based on Kirati Aesthetics, Kirati Civilization and History, Kirati Language and Literature, Kirati Sanskar Culture, Kirati Life Philosophy, Kirati Mundum and Kirati, Information Technology, and Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The abstract of the conference paper should be sent by the end of November. The council said that the notification about the approval of the conference paper will be given within the 10th of Poush and the complete conference paper should be sent by the 20th of Magha 2079.

The abstract of the symposium paper should be 250 to 300 words in Nepali or English language. The author's name, affiliation (institution, address), email, and phone number should be mentioned under the title of the abstract. The abstract can be sent to [email protected]

The conference will be a common platform to brainstorm about the various research, experiments, and features done on various topics related to insects, the council said.

Similarly, the council believes that the linguistic community, experts in various Kirat-related subjects, teachers, students, practitioners, planners and planners, policymakers, and entrepreneurs based on traditional knowledge can directly or indirectly benefit from the conference and the activities will be lively as well as being involved in interdisciplinary academic activities within Kirat.

The main topic of the conference:

-Kirat civilization and history

-Kirati language and literature

- Kirat ritual culture

- Kirat's philosophy of life

- Kirat Mundum

- Kirat, traditional knowledge and cultural basis

- Theoretical and methodological issues in Kirat studies

-Kirat, intellectual property (intellectual property), and legal matters

- Kirat and customary law

-Kirati politics and Kirat in politics

- Kirat, education and cultural empowerment

-Kirat, tourism and cultural industry

-Kirat, information technology, and intangible cultural heritage

- Gender and power

- Kirat folk performing arts

- Kirat, identity and social inclusion

-Kirati folk talk and folk life studies

-Kirati art (sculpture, architecture and painting),

-Kirati song-music

-Kirati aesthetics

-Kirat and Biodiversity

-Situation of Kirat Rai languages ​​in formal education

-References of Kirat and modern development and its impact

-Other Kirati related topics

The council said that the following officers of the council can be contacted for more information;

Jayakumar Rai, Chancellor

Dr. Netramani Rai, Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Taramani Rai, Member-Secretary

  • Contact no. 9841-237533