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Tribhuvan University Notice for the 48th Convocation Ceremony

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Tribhuvan University Building

Tribhuvan University, Office of the Controller of Examinations, Balkhu Notice regarding the program of the 48th Convocation Ceremony: As the 48th Convocation of Tribhuvan University will be organized on Friday 23rd of November 2079 accordingly on December 09, 2022, at the playground of Pulchowk Campus, Pulchowk, this notice is published for the information of all concerned students.

To participate in the ceremony, the students should wear their gowns/scarves/caps and enter the ceremony venue within 10:00 am and sit in the designated places as per the Seating Arrangement.

Candidates receiving Ph.D. and convocation/award should sit in the front row in the seats marked with their names. Other detailed programs related to this function will be as follows:

1) Gown Scarf Distribution:

a) Date: 2079 from Mangsir 15 to Mangsir 22.

b) Time: From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

c) Venue: Tribhuvan University, Examination Control Office, Balkhu.

d) Compulsory documents to be brought: To participate in the convocation ceremony, the Gown Collection Form received while filling the online form must be brought.

e) Since the gowns/scarves/caps will not be distributed from the ceremony venue on 2079-8-23, the gowns/scarfs/caps must be collected within the above-mentioned dates.

Dress: The dress to be worn by the students coming to participate in the ceremony will be as follows:

a) Male wears a suit, pants, tie, and a cap along with a gown/scarf/cap provided by Tribhuvan University.

b) Female students in formal dress or saree, blouse, and gown/scarf/Topi provided by Tribhuvan University.

Certificate Distribution:

a) Certificate distribution will be done from the certificate distribution counter at the sports ground of each campus. Also, students should contact the designated counters as per the received SMS.

b) To get the certificate, you have to bring the Ceremony Slip received while filling the online form.

c) The students who attended the convocation ceremony but did not go to collect the certificate on the day and could not participate after applying to participate can get the certificate later from Tribhuvan University Examination Control Office, Records and Certificate Division, Balkhu (room no.3).

Gown/Scarf/Cap and Refund of Deposit: (Except on Holidays)

a) Gown scarf return date: 24 December 2079 to 1 January 2079.

b) From TU Examination Control Office, Balkhu, between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, the amount of gown/scarf/cap will be collected from the student and refunded through the bank.

c) The deposit amount of Rs.1,200 (Rs.300 will be deducted for maintenance) will be returned only after returning the gown/scarf/cap along with the Gown Return Form received while filling out the online form. If the gown/scarf/Topi is lost or if one of the three central corners is lost or not returned, their deposit amount will not be refunded.

d) Students who do not return the gown/scarf/cap within the above date will be refunded the late fee as follows. Also, for the students who have filled out the form but are not wearing the gown/scarf/cap, a late fee will be charged as per the following to get back their deposit amount.

e) The Gown Return Form received while filling out the online form must be submitted compulsorily to return the gown. Otherwise, the amount will not be refunded.

f) Date of return of deposit for gown/scarf with late fee

Date and Late Fee

  • 2079/9/2 to 2079/9/8 Rs. 50
  • 2079/9/9 to 2079/9/15 Rs. 100
  • 2079/9/16 to 2079/9/22 Rs. 200

If the bond is not paid within the specified date, the bond will automatically lapse.

PS: Detailed information can also be found on TU Exam Control Office's website:

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