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Vocational & Skill Development Training Academy (VSDTA) Call Application for Free Vocational Training

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Vocational and Skill Development Training Center (VSDTC) Notice

Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, Vocational & Skill Development Training Academy (VSDTA), Bhainsepati, Lalitpur

Vocational & Skill Development Training Academy (VSDTA) provides the following basic skills training (390 hours duration) for free at Vocational & Skill Development Training Academy (VSDTA), Bhainsepati, Lalitpur; This notification has been published for Nepali citizens who are interested in training to fill out the application form within 21 days from the date of publication of this notification. No action will be taken on applications that have not been submitted within the due date.

Subjects of Training: Auto Mechanics, Motorcycle Repair, Electrical, Beautician (Hair Dresser), and Silai Katai

Interview Date: 2079-7-20 to 24 (Date as per training program)

Training Start Date: 2079-08-11

Place of Obtaining and Submission of Application Form: Vocational and Skill Development Training Academy, Bhaisepati, Lalitpur or the application form can be downloaded from the website

Contact Phone No: 01-6490800, 01-1493063

Conditions to be followed and documents to be submitted by those interested in taking the training:

The trainees should keep copies of the application form, Nepali citizenship, and at least 8th-grade educational qualification certificates and submit them to this institution within office hours by 2079-07-17 (if it is a holiday on that day, the next day).

Age of candidates willing to take the training: 18 years of age completed and not exceeding 45 years.

Participants will have to arrange their own accommodation and food.

The selection of trainees will be done through interviews. The notice of trainee selection will be published on the notice board of the office and according to the decision made by the selection committee.

The trainees selected for the training should participate in the training from the date mentioned above. Alternate candidates will be made to participate in the training in place of those who do not enroll on the first day of training.

If the training cannot be conducted or postponed for any reason, the training can be canceled or notified for re-training.

If he is selected for the training and leaves the training without any valid reason, his record will be kept and he will not be allowed to participate in any training conducted by VSDTA in the future.

First published date: 2079-06-28

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