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VSDTC Madhesh Pradesh Call to Apply for Various Skill Development Training

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Vocational and Skill Development Training Center (VSDTC), Madhesh Pradesh

Government of Madhesh Province, Ministry of Social Development, Vocational and Skill Development Training Center (VSDTC), Janakpurdham, Dhanusha Notice of call for applications regarding trainee recruitment and training

According to the approved annual program of the Vocational and Skill Development Training Center (VSDTC), Janakpurdham, Dhanusha for the financial year 079/080, 3 months (390 hours) of basic vocational and skill training programs will be conducted on the following subjects from 079 Bhadra month; Local bodies, NGOs/organizations, and clubs interested in conducting training in the respective District Coordination Committee/Municipality/Rural Municipality of the districts of Saptari, Siraha, Dhanusha, Mahottari, and Sarlahi of Madhesh Province are advised to apply to VSDTC within the time limit mentioned below from the date of publication of this notice. 

Also, this notice has been published for Nepali citizens who are willing to take the training conducted at VSDTC to apply within the mentioned deadline by affixing a stamp of Rs.10 on the trainee application form distributed by VSDTC Janakpurdham.

Documents to be submitted and conditions to be followed:

Documents to be submitted and conditions to be followed by candidates willing to undergo training in VSDTC and related association institutions:-

1) In the application form, the trainees should pay Rs. 10 should be affixed and submitted to VSDTC Janakpurdham within 26-04-2079 with a copy of the certificate of Nepali citizenship and educational qualification attached. The contact date is 29-04-2079 and the communication-related information will be published on the contact date.

2) Male trainees will be given priority to participate in the training of beauty parlor and cut and sew, and women will be given priority to participate in the training of other subjects. Special target groups (Dalits, tribals, tribals, families of martyrs, poor women, victims of conflict) and those who failed the entrance examination will be given first priority while participating in the training.

3) The age of the trainees participating in all the above training should be 18 years and not exceed 35 years. The trainee selection process will be done through interviews. An average of 15 to 20 trainees will participate in a group.

Conditions and rules to be followed by non-profit, social organizations, and clubs willing to conduct training:

1) Associations and clubs must provide a copy of the association/organization registration certificate, its renewal up to the end of 2079, the association certificate of the organization and the social welfare council, and the PAN number, written in the name of this office on behalf of the organization when coming to purchase the application form. The prescribed proposal form along with the request letter Rs.200.- The form should be taken from the payment center within 22-04-2079 and submitted within office hours on 26-04-2079. The proposal form cannot be purchased and submitted without copies of the mentioned documents.

2) Associations that are eligible to conduct the training will be provided with training materials, training equipment, and trainers working in the training center of the related subject, and will be returned from the respective centers after the completion of the training. Organizations should provide additional management and training room facilities for conducting training free of charge. No kind of fee can be taken from trainees.

3) The training conducted in centers and selected training provider organizations should be conducted for an average of 6 hours per day and 730 hours in 6 months and 390 hours in 3 months.

(For other detailed information, please contact 041-522637, 9844053939.)

First published date 2079-04-12

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