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Diploma Level One Subject Chance Exam Form Fill Up Notice from CTEVT

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Diploma Level One Subject Chance Exam Form Fill Up Notice from CTEVT: Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Office of Control of Examinations (OCE), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Very important information about filling out the application form for one subject chance exam

Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), Constituent, partnership, community schools and private level diploma and certificate level under the semester examination system Civil, Civil (specialization in Hydropower), Geomatics, Architecture, Electrical, Electronics, Electrical and Electronics, Computer , Mechanical, Automobile, Ref & AC, Hotel Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Social Works, Information Technology, Food and Dairy Technology programs and special scholarship programs in technical education from first year first section to third year first section and third year second According to the Council Exam Regulations 2071, in which one theoretical subject has failed in the section, the chance examination of one theoretical subject will be conducted in the month of Mangsir in the year 2079; This notification has been published for the concerned examinees to submit the examination application form to the respective educational institutions within 6th of Mangsir 2079 with regular fee and late fee within 13th of Mangsir.

This notification has been published for the information of all those concerned with the practice of disqualifying students from institutions who do not fulfill the following conditions and who do not submit the application form within the specified time.


1) All the details mentioned in the examination application form should be filled in 1 (one) recent passport-size photograph of the candidate with a clearly visible face including both ears should be attached to the said application form.

2) Examination application form fee of Rs. 300.- will have to be paid.

3) The concerned educational institutions must pay the amount for the examination application form fee by 2079-08-07 as a regular fee and the late fee by 2079-08-14 to the bank account of the concerned council, and province office.

4) Candidates who failed in one theoretical subject only in the third year second section examination conducted in Fagun/Chaitra month of 2075 after the registration was established in the year 2075 (2018) will be allowed to fill the application form for one subject Chance examination. Along with the application form, a copy of the mark sheet must be attached compulsorily from the first year's first section to the third year's first section. If the candidates who have failed in the first section of the first year to the third year of the first section of the semester examination system fill out the application form for the examination, the examination will be canceled automatically.

5) In the case of students registered from other schools, the name of that school should be mentioned in the examination application form and a copy of the transfer permission letter should also be attached.

6) The application form should be submitted to the respective provincial offices of the council through the respective schools.

7) You will not be admitted to the exam without the admit card. Therefore, the respective educational institutions must submit the admit card within the specified time.

8) Date of examination and examination center will be published later.

9) Because the symbol number must be generated in one lump sum; Educational institutions have to enter the examination application form for a regular fee on 2079-08-06 within office hours and a late fee on 2079-08-13 within office hours on Web Based Online ITMS.

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(Notification published date: 2079-07-23)

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