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Tips to Fill OMR Sheet of Lower Secondary Level Teaching License - TSC

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Teachers Service Commission of Nepal

Tips to Fill OMR Sheet of Lower Secondary Level Teaching License - TSC: Government of Nepal, Teachers Service Commission, Sanothimi Bhaktapur Information regarding writing answer/filling ink in OMR Sheet

Advertisement No. 38/078/079 published by the Teachers Service Commission, all the candidates are informed to pay attention to the following matters while writing the answers to the objective multiple-choice questions asked in the lower secondary level teaching license examination with black ink on the OMR Sheet. Also, the education development and coordination units that facilitate the administration and management of the examination are also requested to facilitate accordingly.

Tips to Fill OMR Sheet:

  • Protect the OMR Sheet from dust, cold, do not tear it, do not make holes, do not use it. For that, put a piece of unwritten thick paper or paper on top and make arrangements for writing. Do not apply ink or write anywhere other than the designated writing and ink filling area,
  • First of all, complete the letters/alphabet one by one in the place designated for your name
  • Look at your admit card and write 11 parts in the places where you write the roll number.
  • Take the roll number written on the number as the basis and do not make any difference to it. The place to write the roll number in the round circle with numbers from 0 to 9 at the bottom. Fill the ink so as to cover the same number in the circle directly below the number of your roll number. While reading the answer sheet, the OMR Sheet will give marks only by reading the bubbles filled with ink without reading the numbers and letters, so be careful accordingly.
  • Write 38/078/079 in Place of advertisement no.
  • Write the following Lower secondary in Place of the Level
  • Write the main subject of your study in the Subject Writing Place.
  • Filling in ink in the circle on the side where the teaching license is written in the form of examination,
  • To indicate Set, any one of Set A, B, C, D will be written at the top of the question paper you have received. According to the question, one of A, B, C, D is filled in the circle in the answer book.
  • Choose the correct answer to the question and fill in the ink. Question no in the question paper. and reading questions. Choose one of the four options A, B, C, D given as the answer to the question, and fill ink in only one of the four circles A, B, C, D in the same number. After all the work is done, look again once. But do not fill the circle more than the specified place. Fill the ink circle. Do not fill outside the circle, do not make holes, do not paste, hand over the answer sheet to the staff in the examination hall,
  • Only one OMR sheet will be available. Use with caution as you cannot exchange or buy another one,
  • The examination will be automatically canceled if the above-mentioned things are not followed. Be aware.
  • (Please mention the letter number and date received in the reply)

Date: 2079-04-12

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Teachers Service Commission (TSC)

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Estd. 2002