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115K Nepali Students Pursue Higher Education in the U.S. in a Decade

News 17 Nov 2023 534 0

Students Pursue Higher Education in the U.S.

115K Nepali Students Pursue Higher Education in the U.S. in a Decade

The last decade has witnessed a remarkable increase in the number of Nepali students choosing the United States for their higher education. As per the Open Doors data, from 2013 to 2023, a staggering 114,872 Nepali students have pursued academic opportunities in America.

Yearly Trends in Nepali Student Enrollment in the U.S.

  • 2013/14: The trend began with 8,155 students.
  • 2014/15: A steady rise to 8,158 students.
  • 2015/16: Growth continues with 9,662 students.
  • 2016/17: A significant jump to 11,607.
  • 2017/18: Further increase to 13,270 students.
  • 2018/19: Slight dip to 13,229.
  • 2019/20: Numbers fell to 12,730.
  • 2020/21: A decline to 11,172, possibly impacted by global events.
  • 2021/22: A recovery to 11,799.
  • 2022/23: A notable surge to 15,900 students.

Breakdown by Degree Program

  • Undergraduates: A total of 54,847 students in 10 years.
  • Graduates: 43,382 students, showing strong interest in advanced studies.
  • Non-Degree: 1,038 students, exploring diverse educational pathways.
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT): 18,529 students, gaining practical work experience in their field of study.

Comparative Global Perspective

Nepal ranks 11th among the top 25 countries sending students to the U.S. This ranking is a testament to the growing interest and capability of Nepali students in pursuing international education, particularly in the U.S.

Global Rankings of Student Enrollment in the U.S.

  1. China: Maintains the top position with 289,586 students in 2022/23.
  2. India: A strong second with 268,923 students.
  3. South Korea: In third place, sending 43,847 students.
  4. Canada: Fourth with 24,746 students.
  5. Vietnam: Ranking fifth with 21,900 students.
  6. Taiwan: In the sixth position with 21,834 students.
  7. Nigeria: Seventh with 17,740 students.
  8. Japan: Eighth, sending 16,054 students.
  9. Brazil: Ranked ninth with 16,025 students.
  10. Saudi Arabia: In the tenth spot with 15,059 students.
  11. Nepal: With 15,090 students, Nepal is eleventh, showing significant participation in international education.
  12. Mexico: Twelfth with 14,541 students.
  13. Bangladesh: Thirteenth, sending 13,443 students.
  14. Iran: In fourteenth place with 10,802 students.
  15. United Kingdom: Fifteenth with 10,569 students.
  16. Pakistan: Sixteenth, sending 10,644 students.
  17. Germany: Seventeenth with 9,751 students.
  18. Colombia: Ranked eighteenth with 9,096 students.
  19. Turkey: Nineteenth with 8,657 students.
  20. France: Twentieth, sending 8,552 students.
  21. Spain: Twenty-first with 8,548 students.
  22. Indonesia: Twenty-second with 8,467 students.
  23. Ghana: Twenty-third with 6,468 students.
  24. Italy: Twenty-fourth with 6,274 students.
  25. Ghana: Again in twenty-fifth place with 5,867 students.

Overall, The increasing number of Nepali students in the U.S. highlights a growing trend towards international education. This movement not only opens new academic horizons for Nepali students but also fosters a cultural exchange between Nepal and the United States. With Nepal ranking 11th in sending students abroad, it's clear that the country is making significant strides in global education.