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9,054 Examinees Participating in SEE Exam in Mahottari

News 29 Mar 2023 427 0

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Increase in Number of Examinees Participating in SEE Exam in Mahottari District

The SEE (Secondary Education Examination) is an important examination for school students in Nepal. Mahottari, a district located in the south-eastern part of Nepal, is considered an important center for this examination. This year, the number of examinees participating in the SEE from Mahottari has increased by about four percent.

Number of Examinees and Examination Centers

According to the Education Development and Coordination Unit, the number of examinees from the Mahottari district who will participate in the SEE has reached 9,054. Among them, 8,420 candidates are for regular general, 401 candidates for technology, and 188 candidates for grade enhancement. Last year, the number of SEE candidates from Mahottari was only 8,758.

With the increase in the number of examinees, one more center has been added compared to last year, and the number of examination centers has reached 31. Among the newly added centers is the Durga Mavi Pathalaiya.

Participating Schools and Examination Personnel

130 private and community secondary schools are operating in Mahottari, which will make students participate in SEE this year. Last year, the number of participating schools was 126.

After the selection of centers, the meeting of examination coordination committee has prepared to mobilize 31 Superintendents, 59 deputy Superintendents, 90 examination assistants, and 181 office assistants. This time, no female center president has been appointed in any center of Mahottari.

Security Arrangements

Superintendent of Police Prakash Malla said that four levels of security arrangements have been made to maintain peace and order during the examination. Around 500 armed and Nepal Police personnel will be mobilized at centers across the district.

Preparations for Examination

Pankaj Jha, head of the examination branch of the education development and coordination unit, said that all preparations for the examination have been completed. Examination materials like question papers, answer booklets, etc. have been delivered to all centers.

Request for Clean and Dignified Examination

The District Examination Coordinating Committee has requested all stakeholders, including the local level, to make SEE clean and dignified. The exam is an important step in the academic career of students, and it is crucial to ensure that the examination is conducted fairly and without any malpractice



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