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Clarification of Matching System - Medical Education Commission

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Clarification of Matching System - Medical Education Commission

Government of Nepal, Medical Education Commission (MEC), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur matching system has been clarified: As many stakeholders complained that there was ambiguity in the provision mentioned in Article 9 (5) of the Procedure for Matching System of Unified Entrance Examination of the Medical Education Commission, 2078 BS. You have to withdraw your name from the educational program that others do not want to study. In this regard, details have been clarified

1) Candidates who have been selected in the pre-nomination but withdrew from the nomination on the ground of inability to study will not be barred from participating in the last matching for any other paid group or other educational institution except the pre-nominated thematic group.

2) Candidates except those who have withdrawn their names from the pre-nomination within the stipulated date will be re-matched among all the candidates except the educational institution/program.

3) Those who have already accepted the study for the scholarship will also participate in the re-matching. As the study disagrees, the re-matching may take place on the basis of the order of priority in the educational institution they have accepted.

Clarified transaction is requested for the information of all concerned regarding the mentioned transaction.

Date 2078-06-06

Medical Education Commission (MEC)

Medical Education Commission

Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

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