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Daughter Education Insurance Program Implemented in Mahottari and Dhanusha

News 24 Dec 2022 549 0

Daughter Education Insurance Program Implemented in Mahottari and Dhanusha

On Thursday, the 'Daughters Education Insurance Awareness Program' has been organized in Dalit and marginalized settlements of Mahottari and Dhanusha districts. Under Chief Minister Beti Padhau Beti Bachau campaign, the Ministry of Social Development of the Madhes Province Government, in partnership with the European Union and UNICEF, has implemented an awareness program in eight districts of the Madhes Province under the 'First Phase'.

Director of Madhes Education Development Directorate, Chudamani Phuyan, said that girls have to face various physical and mental problems due to the lack of access to education compared to sons, as well as the families marrying them off at a young age. "This campaign will increase girls' access to education and help them become financially independent," said director Phuyan. "The government believes that this campaign will also play a role in stopping child marriage."

In addition to giving information about this program to the participants present in the program, they were also informed about how to fill the form, the necessary documents required while filling the form and how the ward offices will help if there is a problem in filling the form.

As a continuation of the Chief Minister's Beti Padhau Beti Bachau program, the Ministry of Social Development of Madhes Province issued the Chief Minister's Beti Padhau Beti Bachau Campaign Operation Procedure, 2078, along with the guidelines, targeting girls born on January 1st, 2078, 'Daughter's Education Insurance-Muddhati Savings Program'. It is in the statement released by UNICEF. As soon as insurance under this program is done, it will be deposited in the account of 37 thousand 557 girls.

It is mentioned in the statement that after attaining the age of 20 years, the insured girl will get Rs 3 lakh. But to get this amount, some conditions have to be fulfilled. An insured girl should have passed SEE and not been married for 20 years.

If the insured girl dies prematurely, after completing all the legal procedures, the insured's family will get the amount accumulated in the year of death. Chija Bhandari, social policy officer of UNICEF Nepal, said that there is a possibility that many other areas like nutrition, health education, drinking water and sanitation can be brought together through the 'Daughter Education Insurance/Muddati Savings Program' and this will help the overall development of the girl child.

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