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Department of National Id and Civil Registration Notice to Change Dalit Surname

News 19 Dec 2022 2188 0

Department of National Id and Civil Registration Notice to Change Dalit Surname

Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of National Id and Civil Registration, Singhdarbar, regarding changing the Dalit All Local Registrar (6743 wards).

Regarding the request for clarification from various municipalities and ward offices regarding the change of surname of Dalit citizens; According to the decision of this department dated 2079-09-03, it is requested to make the following provision in this regard.
the following:

1) If a Dalit child below 16 years of age has been registered using a Dalit caste surname, and if an application is received from the relevant person who is eligible for the indicative age to change it, if it is mentioned in the Dalit caste schedule published by the National Dalit Commission, then the surname of the applicant shall be changed in the birth registration by keeping the surname desired by the applicant from among the surnames within the relevant Dalit caste.

2) If an application is received to change the surname of the child as mentioned, as well as to change the surname of his/her father, mother, or pointer, then the surname will be changed only by keeping the proof of surname change in the citizenship certificate of the father, mother or pointer.

3) If a request is received from an official person to change the surname in the event registration certificate of a person above 16 years of age, change the surname according to the amended surname in the citizenship certificate and issue a copy.


Rastriya Parichaya Patra and Panjikaran Bibhag

Singhadurbar, Kathmandu

Estd. 2018