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Dr. Rajendra KC Honored with Prestigious Education Awards

News 13 Nov 2023 815 0

Dr Rajendra KC Head of Southwestern State College

Dr. Rajendra KC Honored with Prestigious Education Awards: A Milestone in Nepal's Educational Progress

Kathmandu, November 12th, 2023 – In a significant recognition of excellence in education, Dr. Rajendra KC, the Head of Southwestern State College, has been awarded the 'Outstanding Education Award' by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda'. This prestigious award marks a milestone in Dr. KC's career, highlighting his substantial contributions to enhancing Nepal's education sector.

Best Educational Award-2023

Dr. KC's dedication and service to Nepal's education system have also earned him the Best Educational Award-2023. His efforts in advancing educational quality, particularly through the involvement of the private sector, align with the government's vision for education in Nepal.

Prime Minister's Address

During the award ceremony, Prime Minister Prachanda emphasized the crucial role of private institutions in upholding and advancing the quality of education in Nepal. This recognition from the highest government level underscores the impact of Dr. KC's work in the educational landscape of Nepal.

International Recognition

Dr. KC's influence extends beyond Nepal, with international accolades to his name. He was recently honored with the 'School Educational Leader of the Year: 2023' award in Japan, recognizing his leadership and commitment to providing quality education through robust infrastructure and teaching methods.

Past Achievements

Dr. KC's journey of recognition includes receiving the Mahatma Buddha Peace Award-2022 from the British House of Commons. Additionally, he was awarded in the 'Prestigious International School' category at the 'International Education Summit' in New Delhi, India, in 2020, showcasing his global reach and impact.

Inspiration for Future Generations

Expressing his gratitude, Dr. KC stated that such honors inspire not just him and his organization but also others striving for excellence in their respective fields. His achievements set a high standard for educational leaders and institutions globally.

Dr. Rajendra KC's accolades are a testament to his unwavering commitment to elevating Nepal's education system. His journey serves as an inspiration, demonstrating the transformative power of quality education in shaping the future.

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