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Employees Working in Public School Warns Strikes

News 18 Aug 2022 365 0

Government School in Nepal

Employees who have been working in public schools for a long time have announced that they will go on strike from Wednesday, demanding job cuts. Nepal Public School Employees' Council (NPSEC) held a public program in Kathmandu on Tuesday and demanded that the situation where they have to work in public schools for a long time at low wages should be ended.

NPSEC President Ganga Tiwari said that the government has repeatedly agreed to address the demands of the school employees, but has not followed them, so this time all the school employees have warned that they will close schools indefinitely until the demands are met. According to him, there is a sit-in program at the Education and Human Resource Development Center in Bhaktapur under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on Wednesday morning.

"Around 40,000 school staff are working in 29,035 public schools including accountants and office assistants," President Tiwari said, "but office assistants are working at 8,000 per month and accountants at 13,500 per month." Apart from this, there are no services. How can we raise a family? How to work?', he warned, 'Our demand is that the government should provide the salary and service facilities of school employees similar to those of civil servants and create vacancies. If the government does not fulfill the demand, we will stop the schools across the country and start a street protest.

Council General Secretary Shantinath Yogi on Wednesday warned that not only education and human resource dharna, but also strike on Thursday, and the employees working in public schools across the country will close schools indefinitely from next week.

NPSEC has warned a protest with seven-point demands. In the case of accountants, 34,730 rupees per month and in the case of school helpers 26,210 rupees per month should be arranged; In the Revised Education Act 2028, staff working in schools should be adjusted to the post and the process should be carried out once and automatically made permanent; When the Federal Education Act is promulgated, there is a demand that the employees working in continuous service should not be subject to age limit once.