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Extended Deadline for National ICT Awards 2024 Applications

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Ministry of Communication and Informatio Technology Nepal

Extended Deadline for National Information and Communication Technology Award Applications

Overview of the National ICT Awards 2024

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of Nepal, is reminding all potential applicants that the deadline to submit applications for the National Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Awards 2024 has been extended. This extension is to ensure that more individuals and organizations can participate and showcase their contributions to the ICT sector in Nepal. Here are the key details about the application process and award categories:

Important Date Extension

  • New Application Deadline: Applications must now be submitted by 3:00 PM on Friday, 7th Baisakh, 2081. This extension provides additional time for interested parties to prepare and submit their entries.

Award Categories

  1. National ICT Excellence Award 2024: Recognizing overall excellence in the ICT field.
  2. National ICT Excellence Award 2024 (Women): Focused on outstanding contributions by women in ICT.
  3. National ICT Innovation Award 2024: Honoring innovative ICT solutions and initiatives.
  4. National ICT Award 2024 (Public Sector): Celebrating significant ICT achievements within public institutions.
  5. National ICT Award 2024 (Private Sector): Acknowledging ICT accomplishments in the private sector.
  6. National ICT Award 2024 - Private Sector (Provincial): Recognizing ICT successes in provincial private sectors.
  7. National ICT Startup Award 2024: Dedicated to emerging startups in the ICT industry.

Application Submission

  • Where to Submit: Applicants are required to fill out the designated form and email it to [email protected].
  • Form Availability: The application form can be downloaded from the Ministry’s websites at and

Contact Information

  • Address: Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Singh Darbar, Kathmandu.
  • Phone Numbers: 01-4200655, 01-4112334, 01-4117940
  • Email for Queries: [email protected]

Publication Date: This notice was initially published on the 4th Baisakh, 2081.