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Greeting Campaign at Himalaya Secondary School Gorkha: Promoting Discipline and Manners

News 08 Mar 2023 263 0

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Greeting Campaign at Himalaya Secondary School Barpak, Gorkha: Promoting Discipline and Manners

Himalaya Secondary School Barpak, situated in the densely populated wards of Barpak Sulikot 1 and 2, has started a unique campaign to promote discipline and manners among students. The new management committee, formed on January 28, initiated the campaign by sitting at the gate and greeting the students as they enter the school.

Chairman of the school management committee, Vic, and member Lal Kumari Ghale, who is also the mother of two students in the school, greet the students by joining hands and saying 'Good morning father, good-morning nanny, good morning sir!' Other parents and members of the committee also take turns sitting at the gate to greet the students.

The campaign has resulted in students coming to school on time and wearing their school uniforms. Parents who sit at the gate keep a check on whether the students are coming to school in uniform, attending regularly, and following discipline. The campaign aims to teach manners and discipline to students along with academic quality.

Since the campaign started, students have been greeting their parents and teachers with respect by saying 'Good morning' and saluting with both hands from a distance. The teachers have also started coming on time, and fines are imposed on teachers who don't come on time or don't wear po shak. The school is planning to impose fines on students from the next academic session to maintain discipline.

The school has 487 students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. The principal, Jani Bahadur Ghale, said that the enrollment rate is low after class 10, and the school faces a shortage of teachers at the secondary level. The school plans to improve the quality of education by visiting homes in villages, holding parent meetings, making homework compulsory, and conducting monthly school examinations.

The new campaign has added enthusiasm among teachers and parents. It promotes the idea of mutual respect and discipline, which is disappearing in modern times. The unique campaign of greeting the students at the gate has proven to be an effective way to instill good manners and discipline among students, which will help them in their personal and professional lives.

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