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Haridil Bhumi Secondary School Honored with Cash from Narayan Bhagirathi Sewa

News 17 Dec 2022 663 0

Narayan Bhagirathi Seva has honored Surkhet with cash to Haridil Bhumi Secondary School located in Birendra Nagar-3. Narayan Bhagirathi Seva honored Haridil Bhumi School with cash for the year 2079.

15,000 rupees along with a certificate of honor has been provided for a program of the school. Madhav Prasad Khanal, Campus Head of Surkhet Multiple Campus, said that the new type of program to pay homage and respect to Peeta is a commendable example of educational awakening and social service.

Prof. Dr. Jeevendra Dev Giri, patron of the society, informed that 12 organizations including various schools, libraries, old age homes and child development institutions and Lokwarta Parishad, Nepal have been given this honor. Giri said in the program that some important works have been published and educational materials have also been provided to schools.

The principal of the school, Indra Hamal, expressed happiness that the school was honored by the society. On behalf of Birendra Nagar-3, ward member Saraswati Thapa Rokay said that Narayan Bhagirathi Seva has done a good job in the educational sector. President of the society Gopaldev Giri informed that the organization is also going to operate a library in the near future. The program was attended by professors, teachers, writers, artists, social workers, politicians and local dignitaries.

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