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Holmes Institute Organized Admission Event 2022

News 19 Jun 2022 136 0

Holmes Institute Organized Admission Event 2022

Holmes Institute has organized an event called “Admission Event 2022” in cooperation with Education and Migration Corner, an international education consulting service provider in Kathmandu on the 17th of June.

Holmes Institute is an Australia-based education service provider which has been giving education and training to the student in multiple sectors like VET (Vocational Education and Training), Higher Education, Secondary Level School Education, and English Language.

Holmes Institute runs its campuses in different cities in Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Cairns which offers a range of programs to study and skill oneself.

“To solve any kind of issues and problems relating to student affairs during the tenure of the studies, the institute has also developed the student care unit within the administrative premises of the institute,” says Terry Malone, a Business Development Director at Holmes Institute.

Terry also informed us that the long experience institute has accumulated in its journey of teaching and learning process viz. educating and training, is the strongest part of the institution to share beyond the faculties, facilities, and services it provides to students.

“Holmes Institute is one of the top alternative pathway providers in Australia in the field of Australian Education, which has been empowering a number of students including Nepalese students,” opines Gita Pandey, an academic counselor at Education and Migration Corner.

“Students who have studied at Holmes Institute are not just doing great within Australia but also living good life beyond the Asia Pacific,” mentioned Terry Malone. He also shared much information about Holmes and counseled many of the interested students at Education and Migration Corner.