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Important Notice for Absent Nepal Police Personnel

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Nepal Police Notice

Important Notice for Absent Nepal Police Personnel

The Ministry of Home Affairs, under the Government of Nepal, and the Nepal Police Headquarters in Naxal have issued an imperative notice for certain police personnel. This announcement specifically targets officers who have been absent from their duties without official permission since specified dates. Despite previous attempts to establish contact and follow due processes, these individuals have not communicated with their respective offices.

Critical Details of the Notice

  • Publication Date: The notice was made public on 2080/11/10.
  • Regulation Reference: The action is taken under Rule 115 of the Police Regulations, 2071, highlighting the serious nature of the absence.
  • Immediate Action Required: Affected personnel are requested to present themselves at the office that issued the notice or at the Nepal Police Headquarters. They are required to provide a satisfactory explanation for their absence within seven days from the notice's publication date, excluding the deadline day.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Failure to respond within the stipulated timeframe will lead to consequences under sub-rule (1) of Rule 113, section (f), and in line with rule 109 (b) (1) of the Police Regulations, 2071. This rule pertains to the offenses that warrant disciplinary actions and could potentially affect the career and standing of the involved personnel within the Nepal Police force.

Instructions for Responding

  • Deadline: Ensure to respond within the 7-day window provided, keeping in mind that the deadline day is not included.
  • Required Action: Provide a compelling and satisfactory explanation for the absence. This is an opportunity to clarify any misunderstandings or present reasons for the non-appearance.
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