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Jyoti Life Insurance IPO from Falgun 21 (66 Lakh Shares)

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Jyoti Life Insurance IPO

Jyoti Life Insurance IPO:

Jyoti Life Insurance is going to issue IPO to the public from Faulgun 21, 2077 (Sunday, March 6, 2021). The IPO issue and sale manager is NMB Capital Limited. Interested applicants can apply through C-ASWA member banks and financial institutions and MeroShare.

At present, the paid-up capital of the insurance company is Rs 1.54 billion. After the IPO allotment, the paid-up capital of the insurance company will reach Rs 2.20 billion.

The company is about to issue 6.6 million IPOs worth Rs 660 million.

Out of the total 6.6 million shares to be issued, the JyotiLife Insurance Company has secured 5 percent or 333,000 shares for employees and another 5 percent for collective investment funds.

The general public will be able to apply for the remaining 5.94 million shares. The company is going to issue 30 percent of the total issued capital.

Applications for the IPO can be submitted as early as Falgun 28 and as late as Chaitra 8, 2077. Investors will be able to apply for a minimum of 10 Shares to 66,000 Shares.

In the credit rating for IPO issuance, Care Rating Nepal has given the insurance a Care NP Triple B Issuer rating. This indicates that it is moderately safe to meet financial obligations on time.

Important Date:

IPO Open Date: 2077-11-21

IPO Close Date (Early): 2077-11-26 (Banking Hours)

IPO Close Date (Lately): 2077-12-06 (Banking Hours)

The Issuing Company Jyoti Life Insurance Company Limited
Issue Manager NMB Capital Limited
Security Type Common Stock -IPO
Date of Approval From SEBON 2077-11-07
Per Unit Share Price 100
No of total Share  Rs. 220 Crores
Total IPO Share 66 Lakh
Total Capital from IPO Rs. 66 Crores
Share for Staffs (5%) 330000
Share for Mutual Investment 330000
Share for Individual Investor (90%)  59,40,000
Issue Open Date (Public) 2077-11-21
Issue Closure Date (Early) 2077-11-26
Issue Closure Date (Lately) 2077-12-06

Jyoti Life Insurance Company Limited

Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu

Estd. 2017