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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Promoted 1550 Employees

News 12 Mar 2021 1896 0

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC)

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Promoted 1550 Employees:

Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has promoted 1550 employees. They received a letter of promotion on Wednesday after the meeting held at Falgun 4th under the special convention of the metropolitan city approved the 'Bill 2077 made to make arrangements for adjustment'. Letters have been given to the promoted employees.

Giving a letter of promotion, Metropolitan City Chief Vidya Sundar Shakya said that the service recipients should feel the benefit of promotion through the Adjustment Act. ‘Agile, accurate, and honest service is what is needed now. You don't have to comment on whether the policies and programs approved by the metropolis are appropriate. '

Deputy Chief Hari Prabha Khadgi said that the employees should behave in accordance with the post recognition and dignity. She said, "You have a big responsibility on your shoulders. As soon as your sentiments are addressed, we expect to achieve the goal of implementing the programs put forward by the Municipal Council. I am confident that the staff will behave in a manner befitting the position and dignity. '

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has approved a bill to provide services, conditions, and facilities to the employees working in the Kathmandu metropolis with amendment suggestions and has banned the employees from accepting gifts.

The bill stipulates that employees may not accept donations, alms, Koseli or gifts from any person, solicit donations or borrow from office work without prior approval in any way that may affect the work of the metropolis. "If an employee of the corporation receives a gift from a foreign government or a representative of a foreign government, the corporation must be notified and the decision must be made," it said.

Under the special convention, three meetings were held on 4, 24, and 26 Falgun. It includes provisions for the appointment of employees, conduct to be followed while in office, conditions, and facilities while in service or retirement from service.

Arrangements have been made for the group, change of service, the conduct of posts, facilities to be received by the employees, security, rewards, punishment, hearing of grievances, appeal. The bill was introduced at the second meeting of the convention held at Falgun 24. According to the approved enactment, the KMC will now have three groups namely administration, technical and miscellaneous.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City

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