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Kathmandu Metropolitan City's Cyber Security Training Initiative

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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Notice

Kathmandu Metropolitan City's Cyber Security Training Initiative

In response to the escalating cyber threats in the digital era, Kathmandu Metropolitan City has initiated on a pivotal cyber security training initiative, aimed at empowering 4,000 individuals with critical skills in digital defense. This program, a key component of the 'Employment and Income Increase, Kathmandu's Prosperity scheme, strives not only to bolster the city's cyber defenses but also to facilitate the employment of 5,000 trained professionals. By partnering with the esteemed Council and Gap Technologies, this initiative underscores a commitment to leveraging expert knowledge and cutting-edge techniques.

The program is enriched with a generous Rs 5 crore scholarship, ensuring accessibility and fostering a broad spectrum of participants. Designed to address the surge in internet use and the consequent rise in cyber vulnerabilities, particularly among smartphone users, the training encapsulates a blend of practical and theoretical learning.

This forward-thinking approach by Kathmandu Metropolitan City significantly contributes to building a resilient, tech-savvy workforce, ready to tackle the challenges of the modern, interconnected world.

Overview of the Training Program

  • Objective: Kathmandu Metropolitan City is launching comprehensive cyber security training for 4,000 individuals. This initiative is part of a larger goal to train 15,000 people and secure employment for 5,000 under the 'Employment and Income Increase, Kathmandu's Prosperity' scheme.
  • Collaboration: The program is a joint effort with the Council, renowned for its expertise in cyber security certification and training, and Gap Technologies.

Scholarship and Training Details

  • Scholarship Provision: A substantial scholarship of Rs 5 crore will be available, enhancing accessibility to this vital training.
  • Training Focus: The training is designed to impart skills in cyber security, preparing participants to effectively defend against cyber threats and enhance their employability in this sector.

Importance and Necessity

  • Rising Cyber Crime: With a 59% increase in cyber crime in Nepal last year, this training is critical in building a strong, efficient cyber defense mechanism.
  • Increased Internet Access Risks: As internet usage surges, the risk of cyber threats looms larger, particularly for common smartphone users. This program aims to raise awareness and equip individuals with the necessary tools to safeguard their personal information.

Program Launch and Participation

  • Opening Ceremony: Interested individuals can attend the opening ceremony on 2nd Magh 2080 B.S. (16 January 2024 A.D.) Tuesday at 2:00 PM at the Rastriya Sabha Griha. Registration is available at this link.

Training Expansion and Facilities

  • Diverse Training Categories: Alongside cyber security, training in software development, digital marketing, and professional accounting is already underway, with 34 different categories available. The program will continue to evolve based on needs and demands.
  • Infrastructure: 40 specialized training rooms are being set up for a variety of courses including electrician training, fashion designing, culinary arts, and more.

Cyber Security Training Specifics

  • Course Content: The training will cover a range of topics, from smartphone security to cloud computing basics, focusing on both practical skills and theoretical knowledge.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Participants will learn about system development, data analysis, business skills, and the ethical use of internet-connected platforms and devices.

This initiative by Kathmandu Metropolitan City is a significant step towards enhancing cyber security skills among its citizens, aligning with global trends and addressing the urgent need for cyber safety in the digital age.

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