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Kathmandu Metropolitan City's Free Preparatory Classes for SEE Students

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Kathmandu Metropolitan City Notice

Kathmandu Metropolitan City's Free Preparatory Classes for SEE Students

Kathmandu Metropolitan City is offering free preparatory classes with meals and snacks for students who were ungraded (unclassified) in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). This initiative aims to provide support and improve the academic performance of these students.

Preparatory Classes and Free Meals

  • Initiative Details:
    • Free preparatory classes started on Monday.
    • Teachers from community schools are leading these classes.
    • Meals and snacks will be provided to the students.
    • Funding for meals and snacks is under consideration by the Metropolitan City’s executive committee, with a decision expected soon.

Class Operations and Student Participation

  • Class Structure:
    • A roster of 100 teachers has been created to manage the classes.
    • Approximately 70 classes will run daily across 11 resource centers.
  • Student Involvement:
    • A total of 873 students will join the grade improvement preparatory classes.
    • Out of 3,959 SEE participants from 58 community schools, 3,086 were graded (classified).

Subject-wise Student Performance

  • Performance Statistics:
    • Mathematics: 459 students failed.
    • Economics: 219 students failed.
    • Science: 266 students failed.
    • Social Studies: 189 students failed.
    • Nepali: 116 students failed.
    • English: 91 students failed.
    • Accountancy: 70 students failed.
    • Optional Mathematics: 58 students failed.
    • Computer Science: 20 students failed.
    • Population Studies: 8 students failed.


Kathmandu Metropolitan City's initiative to provide free preparatory classes and meals is a significant step towards improving the academic success of students who did not perform well in the SEE. By mobilizing community school teachers and providing necessary resources, the city aims to help these students achieve better results in their next attempts.

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