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Lok Sewa Aayog 60th Annual Report

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Lok Sewa Aayog 60th Annual Report 2

60th Annual Report of Lok Sewa Aayog:

 Public Service Commission - PSC (Lok Sewa Aayog) submitted to the Honorable President, submitted the 60th annual report containing the work performed by the Commission from 2075 Shrawan to 2076 Ashad is submitted before the Hon'ble President on Tuesday, the 29th day as per the provisions of Article 294 of the Constitution of Nepal. The first report of the Commission was submitted in 2016 BS. This is the fifth report after the appointment of current commissioners. The report includes administrative and financial status, test technology, educational qualifications, and curriculum-related work, advertising and application details, examination details, interviews and recommendation details, analytical tables on inclusive recruitment, decisions on consultation and complaint, local level recruitment, security agencies. And the recruitment of the organization Dwells in the works of the Commission, organizational reform and paragraphs consisting of different steps in innovation. 

Oaths performed by the Commission during the Fiscal Year 2075/76, as well as the facts regarding the work performed by the Commission during the period 2075/76:

Facts regarding the work performed by the Commission:

1. A total of 399 employees, including central and subordinate offices, are involved in the performance of the Commission.

2. In relation to performance, a total of 297 decisions have been taken on a variety of issues, with a total of 87 meetings of the Commission during the reporting period.

3. During the reporting period, 30 new courses have been created for different level posts of various services at the local level. Similarly, seven courses of different levels of service have been revised

4. Competency-Based Selection System In the Basket Exercise Testing method has been applied for the selection of candidates in the post-secondary category in an unofficial way while using various tools of Assessment Center Methodology.

5. During this period, 257 advertisements have been published for a total of 1,174 posts under the union, of which 326 posts have been advertised for inclusive competition.

6. In the Fiscal Year 2075/76, a total of 1 lakh 43 thousand 8 hundred 40 applications have been received by the Federation. The number of petitions has decreased by 75 percent this year compared to the previous fiscal year. Due to the staff integration process, the number of petitions in the advertisement on behalf of the Federation has been low due to the low demand from the Government of Nepal for the recruitment during the reporting period.

7. As per the previous year, the highest number of applications (64,733) has been applied to the buyer post this year. Similarly, the other posts in the higher petition are Nayab Subba and Section Officer respectively.

8. On the basis of the permanent address of the candidate, no. Six have received 29 percent of the total application. The five districts with the highest number of applications during this period were Sarlahi, Saptari, Dhanusha, Bara, Mahottari, and Siraha respectively, while the least affected districts were Manang, Mustang, Rasuwa, Nawalparasi (West) and Dolpa districts.

9. As in the previous year, the highest number of candidates (35%) of the age group of 21-25 years have applied for the same, whereas the average age of the applicant is 26 years.

10. Among the advertisements in this period, there was no application for an advertisement for the post of Deputy Secretary (Dalit Inclusion Group) of the Justice Services Law Group.

11. A total of 3865 question papers have been prepared for conducting the examination during the reporting period.

12. 65 candidates who have been irregularly conducted in the examinations conducted by the Commission have taken various actions, including 8 women and 57 men.

13. A total of 4,574 candidates have been recommended for permanent appointments during the reporting period, of which 1,148 (32%) women and 3 thousand 1 hundred 26 (68%). The average age of candidates recommended this year is 29 years

14. On the basis of permanent address, the highest number of 940 (20%) candidates have been recommended from Province 2 during this period. The five districts where the maximum number of candidates are recommended are Sarlahi, Rautahat, Rukum (East), Gulmi, Syangja, and Surkhet, and the least recommended districts are Tehrathum, Solukhumbu, Lamjung, Sindhupalchok, and Mugu respectively. There were no candidates from Manang, Mustang, Dolpa and Rasuwa districts

15. Report period from an advertisement for 2074/75 A total of 1883 candidates (41% of total recommendation) have been nominated for inclusive competition in 2075/076.

16. A total of 21546 candidates have been recommended in the advertisement of various 6 inclusive groups during the 12 years till 15 inclusive recruitment system has been implemented. Candidates for the inclusion group have received a significant number of recommendations, even from open advertising.

17. During this period, the Commission has provided various consultations on matters related to the terms of service of employees of 66 different bodies. Likewise, the recommendations received by the promotion committee on the posts of the officer-level posts have been received in the Commission, which has been advised to amend 2 of these decisions.

18. According to the demand received by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration of the various local level for the fulfillment of vacancy in this Fiscal Year, a total of 5 lakh 28 thousand 9 hundred 68 applications have been filed in the advertisement for the advertisement of 9161 posts of various services and levels.

19. The Public Service Commission is represented in a total of 97 bodies. In the reporting period, it has been agreed to publish advertisements for the recruitment of 24 thousand 4 hundred 72 posts from 3 thousand 46 advertisements of 28 agencies, including security agencies and organized organizations.

20. A total of 3 lakh 38 thousand 2 hundred 91 applications have been collected in the advertisements on behalf of security agencies and organized organizations. In the written examinations conducted by the Commission for the advertisement, a total of 1 lakh 98 thousand 6 hundred 82 candidates have been included, of which 37 percent are women and 63 percent are men. Of these, the written results of a total of 595 advertisements have been published during this period.

21. During the reporting period, the budget of 573.3 million has been spent on the performance of the Commission and revenue of 260 million has been collected.

22. In the past report of the Commission, the suggestions given to the Government of Nepal have been reviewed and presented in a separate paragraph in this report. The report is presented in this report, with the expectation that the government will be serious about issues not considered in consultation with the Commission on matters within the Commission's jurisdiction. In addition, through this report, suggestions have been made to the Government of Nepal on some important policy issues

Lok Sewa Aayog 60th Annual Report:

Lok Sewa Aayog

Anamnagar, Kathmandu

Estd. 1951