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Lumbini Technological University Relocates to Khajura in Banke

News 01 Nov 2023 866 0

Lumbini Technical University Notice

Lumbini Technological University Relocates to Khajura in Banke

Banke, November 1, 2023 – The central office of Lumbini Technological University (LTU) is set to shift its location. With new developments in Khajura, the LTU has its sights set on the recently constructed building of the Rural Municipality in Khajura.

Key Points:

  • Current Location: At present, the LTU office is situated in the Division Forest Office in Nepalgunj.
  • New Location: The central office is relocating to the Rural Municipality office building in Khajura-4 'D' village. However, the new Rural Municipality building, which is nearing its completion, is situated in Khajura-3 'B' village.
  • Reason for Relocation: Chairman of Khajura Rural Municipality, Vick, revealed that the move was prompted due to the incomplete construction of the new municipality building. With the central office's shift, the pace of university construction is hoped to accelerate.

Behind the Scenes:

Reg Bahadur Bhandari, the Registrar of LTU, visited the soon-to-be university office. He engaged in productive discussions with President Dumbar Bik to gather essential details about the move. Rector Bhandari emphasized the urgency, stating that the university's move to Khajuraho is imminent, and the office will relocate promptly.

Land & Construction Hurdles:

The state government has sanctioned a generous hundred bigha land in Khajura-8 Raniapur for the university's construction. However, delays have emerged due to the federal government's indecision, stalling the construction process.

Future Prospects:

While the office finds its new home in Khajura, the university's classes will remain in Nepalgunj for the current academic year, attributed to the unavailability of adequate infrastructure.

In conclusion, the shift of LTU's central office from Nepalgunj to Khajura signifies growth and development for the region. The Rural Municipality's full support is anticipated to smoothen the transition and bolster the construction pace of the university.

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