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Madan Bhandari Memorial College Opens Library to Public in Kathmandu

News 23 Nov 2023 600 0

Madan Bhandari Memorial College Building

Madan Bhandari Memorial College Opens Library to Public in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, November 21, 2023 – In a significant move to enhance community learning and foster a culture of reading in Nepal, Madan Bhandari Memorial College in Kathmandu has opened its comprehensive library to the public. 

This initiative, a testament to the college's dedication to educational excellence and community service, offers an expansive collection of over 10,000 books in both Nepali and English, covering a wide array of subjects like society, culture, literature, and language. The facility also provides access to various global digital databases, amplifying research opportunities for users. Beyond just providing resources, the college actively promotes a reading culture through various incentive programs and engaging academic discussions, making it a hub for intellectual growth and discovery. This initiative not only enhances the accessibility of educational resources in Kathmandu but also supports surrounding educational institutions, demonstrating Madan Bhandari Memorial College's commitment to spreading knowledge and fostering academic development across the region.

Breaking Barriers in Access to Education

Recognizing the challenges in developing a reading culture in Nepali society, Madan Bhandari Memorial College, a community educational institution, has taken a progressive step to bridge the gap. By opening its library to the general public, the college aims to extend the reach of its resources beyond its students.

A Haven for Scholars and Book Lovers

The college library, a treasure trove of knowledge, houses approximately 10,000 books in Nepali and English, covering diverse subjects such as society, culture, literature, and language. In addition to traditional books, the library offers access to various digital databases globally through the University Central Digital Library. This facility is expected to significantly enhance the research capabilities of users.

Promoting Reading and Research

Madan Bhandari Memorial College is not just opening its doors; it's actively promoting a reading culture. The college has introduced incentive programs and activities aimed at encouraging reading among both students and teachers. Notably, the institution rewards the three students who utilize the library's resources the most annually.

Engaging in Discussions and Knowledge Creation

The college frequently organizes book discussions, inviting authors and reviewers for interactive sessions with students and teachers. These discussions are part of the college's broader commitment to fostering productive discourse and research. The publication of journals like 'The Journal of Productive Discourse' and 'Shwetshardul' further underscores this commitment.

Outreach Beyond Kathmandu

In addition to enhancing its own library, Madan Bhandari Memorial College actively supports other educational institutions outside Kathmandu by providing books to bolster their library collections. This outreach is a testament to the college's dedication to spreading knowledge beyond its campus.

Cultivating a Culture of Reading

For over two decades, Madan Bhandari Memorial College has been a vital part of the educational landscape in Nepal, advocating for a shift from viewing reading as a mere habit to embracing it as a culture. This latest initiative is a pivotal step in this ongoing campaign of educational awakening, aiming to instill a creative, practical, and critical consciousness in the community.


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