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National Assembly Members Advocate for Unified School Education Laws

News 26 Sep 2023 171 0

Samsad Bhawan

National Assembly Members Advocate for Unified School Education Laws

Kathmandu, 26 September 2023 - A strong push from the members of the National Assembly calls for the widespread adoption of Bill-2080. This bill aims to amend and unify laws concerning school education. Feedback from various stakeholders on the bill is actively being sought.

Key Takeaways from the Assembly Discussion:

  • The Sustainable Development and Good Governance Committee of the National Assembly has been at the forefront of these discussions.
  • Chairman Prakash Pant urges citizens to put forth their suggestions either online or via written correspondence on issues associated with the legislation.
  • The Parliament Secretariat promises to relay these suggestions to the committee, fostering an open dialogue.
  • After some discontent post the bill's announcement, the committee commits to reviewing and discussing the feedback with a wide range of stakeholders, including teachers, educationists, and parents, among others.

Stakeholder Insights:

  • Anita Devkota and Narayan Prasad Dahal, both members of the National Assembly, voiced concerns about the drafting process of the bill. They pinpointed the lack of consultation with relevant bodies as a significant oversight.
  • Ganeshraj Moktan, leading the Association of Community School Management Committees, expressed reservations about the principal selection process, which is currently under the purview of the Education Office.
  • Kush Joshi, head of the Nepal National Parents' Association, felt that the bill wasn't parent-friendly, owing to the lack of parental consultation during its drafting.
  • DK Dhungana, representing the Private & Boarding Schools Organization (PABSON), highlighted the lack of scholarships for higher education for meritorious students from private schools, a significant point of contention.

Concluding Thoughts: The Bill-2080 has stirred extensive debate in the education community. For it to be successful, a harmonious integration of feedback from all the stakeholders will be crucial.