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National Land Commission 35 Days Notice for Call Application from Landless, Dalits and Squatters

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National Land Commission (Rastriya Bhumi Aayog) Notice

Addressing Land Rights in Nepal: A Guide for Dalits and Squatters - Land Application Notice by National Land Commission

To support marginalized communities in Nepal, the National Land Commission (Rastriya Bhumi Aayog) has announced a vital initiative for Dalits, landless squatters, and those residing in unplanned areas. Here's what you need to know:

  • Public Notice Date: The information was first made available on 2080/11/01.
  • Objective: This move aims to provide land access to those without land, specifically targeting Dalits and squatters.
  • Application Process: Eligible individuals are urged to complete their applications in line with the Commission's guidelines.
  • Submission Deadline: Applications must be submitted within 35 days from the notice date.

Detailed Instructions for Applicants

  • State and District Listings: The notice includes a breakdown of the regions and districts where the initiative is active. For instance:
    • In the Kosi region, interested parties from Myanglung Municipality and other listed areas can apply.
    • The Bagmati and Lumbini Provinces are also participating, with municipalities like Mahalaxmi and Marchabari respectively opening their doors for applications.

Ensuring Compliance and Accuracy

The National Land Commission underscores the importance of accuracy and compliance with the stipulated format for applications. Applicants must adhere strictly to the guidelines provided to avoid any delays or rejections.

Deadline and Submission Points

Applications must reach the designated collectors within the stipulated timeframe. Delayed submissions may not be considered, emphasizing the urgency of this opportunity.

Supporting Community Development

This initiative represents the Commission's dedication to equitable land distribution, intending to foster growth and stability among Nepal's most vulnerable populations.

How to Apply

Individuals looking to apply should:

  • Acquire the Application Form: Obtain the official form from the Commission or the specified local authorities.
  • Submit to Collectors: Completed forms must be submitted to the collectors at identified locations.

Kosi Region

  • District: Thirteenth
    • Local Areas: Myanglung Municipality, Menchhayayem Rural Municipality
  • District: Saptari
    • Local Areas: Trihut Rural Municipality, Bishnupur Rural Municipality, Rajarani Rural Municipality

Madhesh Pradesh

  • District: Siraha
    • Local Area: Kalyanpur Municipality
  • District: Sarlahi
    • Local Areas: Chakraghatta Rural Municipality, Basbaria Rural Municipality
  • District: Twelve
    • Local Area: Baragad

hi Rural Municipality

Bagmati Region

  • District: Lalitpur
    • Local Area: Mahalaxmi Municipality
  • District: Rasuwa
    • Local Areas: Naukunda Rural Municipality, Uttargaya Rural Municipality

Lumbini Province

  • District: Rupandehi
    • Local Areas: Marchawari Rural Municipality, Sammarimai Rural Municipality

Sudurpaschim Province

  • District: Bajhang
    • Local Area: Jai Prithvi Municipality

Thirty-five (35) notices for application by landless Dalits, landless squatters, and unorganized residents

(Second time notice publication date: 2080/11/01)

For the purposes of providing land to landless Dalits and landless squatters and managing unorganized settlements by the National Land Commission, the following local level landless Dalits, landless squatters and unorganized settlers to get land according to the format prescribed by the commission, fill the application form from the local level within 35 days from the date 2080/11/01. This public notice has been republished to be submitted through the Collectors posted at the designated locations.

List of Local Levels:

  • Sandakpur Rural Municipality,
  • Barju Rural Municipality,
  • Dewanganj Rural Municipality,
  • Bhokraha Narsingh Rural
  • Municipality,
  • Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City,
  • Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City
  • Jahda Rural Municipality,
  • Dhanpalthan Rural Municipality,
  • Miklajung Rural Municipality,
  • Sunavarshi Municipality
  • Chauvise rural municipality
  • Hillihang Rural Municipality
  • Bahradashi Rural Municipality,
  • Jhapa Rural Municipality,
  • Haldibari Rural Municipality,
  • Shivsatakshi Municipality
  • Belka Municipality
  • Barathawa Municipality
  • Mahadeva Rural Municipality,
  • Kanchanrup Municipality
  • Janakpurdham Sub-city Municipality,
  • Sabaila Municipality,
  • Kamla Municipality,
  • Dhanauji Municipality,
  • Dhanushadham Municipality,
  • Kshireshwarnath Municipality,
  • Nagarain Municipality, Sahidnagar
  • Municipality, Hanspur Municipality,
  • Mithila Bihari Municipality,
  • Jankanandani Municipality,
  • Laxminiya Municipality,
  • Aurhi Municipality,
  • Mukhiyapatti Musaharnia Municipality,
  • Bateshwar Municipality,
  • Namobuddha Municipality,
  • Roshi Rural Municipality,
  • Bethanchok Rural Municipality
  • Bharatpur Metropolitan City,
  • Khairhani Municipality,
  • Ratnanagar Municipality,
  • Rapti Municipality
  • Thaha Municipality,
  • Manhari Rural Municipality,
  • Bhimfedi Rural Municipality,
  • Indrasarovar Rural Municipality,
  • Makwanpurgarhi Rural Municipality,
  • Bagmati Rural Municipality,
  • Raksirang Rural Municipality,
  • Kailash Rural Municipality
  • Khandadevi Rural Municipality,
  • Bidur Municipality,
  • Likhu Rural Municipality,
  • Shivpuri Rural Municipality,
  • Myagang Rural Municipality,
  • Kakani Rural Municipality,
  • Tadi Rural Municipality,
  • Shankharapur Municipality
  • Suryavinayak Municipality
  • Golanjor Rural Municipality
  • Palungtar Municipality,
  • Chumanubri Rural Municipality,
  • Dharche Rural Municipality,
  • Bhimsenthapa Rural Municipality,
  • Gorkha Municipality,
  • Siranchok Rural Municipality,
  • Gandaki Rural Municipality,
  • Arughat Rural Municipality,
  • Ajirkot Rural Municipality
  • Jaimani Municipality,
  • Tamankhola Rural Municipality,
  • Kathekhola Rural Municipality,
  • Bareng Rural Municipality,
  • Bardghat Municipality,
  • Ramgram Municipality,
  • Susta Rural Municipality,
  • Sarawal Rural Municipality,
  • Pratappur Rural Municipality
  • Lumbini Sankritik Municipality,
  • Omsatiya Rural Municipality, Siyari
  • Rural Municipality,
  • Kanchan Rural Municipality,
  • Mayadevi Rural Municipality,
  • Kothimai Rural Municipality
  • Mathagadhi rural municipality
  • Kaligandaki Rural Municipality,
  • Satyavati Rural Municipality,
  • Isma Rural Municipality,
  • Malika Rural Municipality,
  • Dhurkot Rural Municipality,
  • Gulmidarbar Rural Municipality
  • Tulsipur Sub Metropolitan City,
  • Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan City,
  • Rapti Rural Municipality,
  • Rajpur Rural Municipality,
  • Dangi Sharan Rural Municipality,
  • Garhwa Rural Municipality
  • Narayan Municipality,
  • Gurans Rural Municipality
  • Gurvakot Municipality,
  • Simta Rural Municipality,
  • Barahtal Rural Municipality
  • Raskot Municipality,
  • Khandachakra Municipality,
  • Pachaljharna Rural Municipality,
  • Shubhkalika Rural Municipality,
  • Mahavai Rural Municipality,
  • Narharinath Rural Municipality,
  • Sanni Triveni Rural Municipality
  • Chayannath Rara Municipality,
  • Soru Rural Municipality,
  • Mugum Karmarong
  • Rural Municipality,
  • Khatyad Rural Municipality
  • Tikapur Municipality,
  • Kailari Municipality
  • Nalgad Municipality,
  • Kushe Rural Municipality
  • Dodhara Chandni Municipality
  • Surma Rural Municipality,
  • Thalara Rural Municipality,
  • Bungal Rural Municipality,
  • Bitthadchir Rural Municipality,
  • Diyanot Rural Municipality
  • Puryudi Municipality,
  • Dasharathchand Municipality,
  • Dogadakedar Rural Municipality,
  • Mahakali Municipality,
  • Shailyashikhar Municipality,
  • Apihimal Rural Municipality,
  • Duhun Rural Municipality,
  • Naugad Rural Municipality,
  • Marma Rural Municipality,
  • Vyans Rural Municipality


Rastriya Bhumi Aayog (National Land Commission)

Tahachal, Kathmandu

Estd. 2021



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