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National Skill Testing Committee (NSTB) Call Application for Skill Test

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National Skill Testing Committee (NSTB) Application for Skill Test

Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), National Skill Testing Committee (NSTB), Madhyapur Thimi 2, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur Call Application for Skill Test

According to National Vocational Skill Certificate approved by Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) with the support of Vocational Education and Training Enhancement Project II (EVENT-II), Nepali citizens who have reached the age of 16 and who have returned from foreign employment who wish to participate in the pre-learning skill test at a subsidized fee should go to the skill test center and submit the application form as per the details. This notice is published for information.

b) Minimum Qualification for Application:

For Level 1:

Having at least 1 year of work experience in the relevant profession with knowledge and skills in the relevant business,


6 months work experience including related business training,

For Level 2:

Having at least 3 years of work experience in the relevant profession with knowledge and skills in the relevant business,


Having passed level 1 skill test in related business and having 1 year work experience in related business,

For Level 3:

Having at least 5 years of work experience in the relevant profession with knowledge and skills in the relevant business,


1-year training in related business and 2 years working experience in related business,


Passed level 2 skill test in related business and got 1-year work experience in related business

c) Skill Test Fee:

Level Regular Fee (Rs.) Concessional Fee (Rs) (Women, Dalit, Janajati, and Disabled
1 500 400
2 1200 700
3 2400 1300
  1. d) Conditions to be followed while filling the application form by the skill test participant:

1) This notification and application form can be downloaded from the website of CTEVT, National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) and Event Project respectively at, and and obtained from designated centers Can be done.

2) The application form should be submitted to the designated center within the date 2079-09-12. If the last day of submitting the application form falls on a holiday, it can be submitted by the next day.

3) 2 recent passport size photographs along with the application form, citizenship certificate and training or experience certificate (in case of training certificate issued by CTEVT's Constituent, partner and affiliated educational institutions and provided by various ministries and departments of the Government of Nepal, at least 1 A copy of the previous year's certificate only and in the case of experience, a certified copy of a certificate or letter with a clearly disclosed period of working or working in the relevant profession must be submitted by the Government of Nepal, Government or Semi-Government Organization or private employer organization/industry/businessman registered with VAT/PAN number in the Government of Nepal. Experience will be valid only after 16 years of age.

4) Subsidized categories include women, Dalits, tribals, disabled and categories designated by the Government of Nepal. In case of categories other than women, documents certified by the relevant agency must be submitted.

5) Persons who have returned from foreign employment must submit a copy of their passport and visa, a copy of their work experience abroad (in case of a language other than English, a copy translated into English) of the profession that requires skill testing.

6) The documents required for the skill test are insufficient and the application forms which are not registered within the specified time and are not delivered properly will be automatically rejected.

7) If the number of accepted application forms in a business is less than three, the skill test of that business will not be conducted

8) The skill test schedule will be published on the committee's website The admit card can be obtained from the center where the skill test application form has been filled, and the participant can be present on the day before the skill test. The skill test can be conducted from the day after the contact date

9) Candidates must bring the hand tools needed in the related profession by themselves and the participants of the beautician profession skill test must also bring the test materials themselves. In addition, personal health safety standards must be fully followed.

10) Candidates who have participated in skill test before this, registration no. Must be mentioned. In this way, those who give the skill test will have to put a mark on the application form in the room that says re-test.

11) Applicants who have passed level 1 or 2 in the relevant business must submit the skill certificate they have acquired as well as a letter of work experience when applying for level 2 or 3.

12) The skill test application form collection center will receive the necessary documents when collecting the application (within five days from the last date of filling the form (since the online system will be closed)) within that period, enter the online form and after the final approval from the National Skill Test Committee, Rs. 70 per form for entry. After deducting at the rate of, the name and application number of the center where the remaining amount will be deposited should be clearly disclosed and the entire voucher should be scanned and uploaded to Rastriya Banijya Bank Account No. 1730100000183001 in the name of National Skill Test Committee, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

13) The skill test of profession mentioned in this notification will be conducted in the certified or designated skill test centers under the respective provinces.

For more information phone no. 016638153, 6635195 Mobile No. 9851127080, 9851163964 and 9841249343 are requested to contact.

Notice published date: 2079-08-12


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