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National Sports Council Published Employees Promotion List

News 30 Aug 2023 1743 0

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National Sports Council Published Employees Promotion List

The National Sports Council has released an official notice concerning the promotion of its staff members. This decision is based on the sub-rules (1) and (1a) of rule 56 of paragraph - 6 of the National Sports Council, Staff Service Conditions Regulations, 2068 (with the second amendment). The 116th board meeting held on 2080/2/7 and the subsequent notification in the Gorkhapatra National Daily newspaper dated 2080/2/27 and 28th have paved the way for these promotions.

Following the Appointment Committee's meeting on 2080/5/10, recommendations were made to the National Sports Council. These recommendations were based on various factors including the period of service, educational qualifications, and work performance evaluations. As a result, employees have been promoted one level higher from their current positions.

Promotion Details:

  • Administrative Promotions:

    • From Administrative Officer (Officer 3rd Class) to Deputy Senior Administrative Officer (Officer 2nd Class).
    • From Accounts Officer (Officer 3rd Class) to Deputy Senior Accounts Officer (Officer 2nd Class).
    • From Nayiv Subba (Assistant Level I) to Administrative Officer (Authority Level III Class (Technical)).
    • From Typist Subba (Assistant Level 1) to Typist Officer Level, Third Class (Professor).
  • Technical Promotions:

    • From Technical Officer (Officer Third Class) to Technical (Officer II Class).
    • From Instructor (Officer Level III Class, Training Service) to Deputy Senior Instructor (Officer Level II Class).
    • From Assistant Instructor (Assistant Level 1st Class, Training Service) to Instructor (Officer Level 3rd Class, Training Service).
  • Accounts Promotions:

    • From Accountant (Assistant Level I) to Accounts Officer (Officer Third Class).
    • From Assistant Accountant (Assistant Level II Grade) to Accountant.

Notice Promotion List (Badhuwa Suchi)