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NEB Said Question Paper Pattern of Class 8, SEE and 12 Will be Changes

News 23 Apr 2022 911 0

NEB Board

The National Examination Board (NEB) is designing a question bank by preparing standardized question papers for classes 8, 10, and 12. Speaking at a workshop organized by the board on Wednesday, Dr. Mahashram Sharma, chairman of the board, said that it was necessary to improve the examination system. The access question of the municipality or province will be sent to the bank. They will be able to prepare question papers from there as per their wish. ” He said the question would not be repeated for at least five years. It is claimed that the old question paper will be replaced by this.

Most of the questions are repeated every year in class 8, the secondary education examination (SEE) conducted by the municipality, and the class 12 examination conducted at the central level. It will not be possible to easily pass the class 8, 10, and 12 exams by practicing the old question paper.

NEB is going to implement standardized question papers in SEE and class 12 from the academic session 2079 and in class 8 from the next academic session 2080. Due to the standardized question papers, the question papers of the municipality and the states will be of the same standard.

The NEB will end the situation where the question paper of one state is easy and the question paper of another state is difficult.

NEB will initially prepare standardized question papers in English, Science, and Mathematics. Similar question papers will be prepared on other subjects from next year. The board had prepared 30 sets of question papers for all the three subjects and has prepared 10 sets from them. It has even been tested among students.

At present, teachers prepare question papers in two hours at most. While preparing the question paper in this way, the questions of each year are repeated. Mukundaraj Sharma, principal of Little Angels School in Lalitpur, said that the teachers are not keen on preparing question papers. “There is a tendency to prepare question papers in two hours. There are many problems in the preparation of question papers.

That is why the students have been passing the exams by rehearsing the previous year's question papers. ” Educationist Prada Ganesh Singh agreed with him and said, "The level of question of one state should not be less than that of another state. It must be standardized to create the same level of the question paper. ”

Educationist Prof. Dr. Vidyanath Koirala said that explanatory questions should be prepared and suggested that standardized question papers should be provided to the teachers to prepare the question papers.