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Nepal Police Wife Association and PABSON Signed on MoU for an Educational Program

News 07 Nov 2022 1508 0

Nepal Police Wife Association and PABSON

Nepal Police Wife Association and Private & Boarding School's Organization Nepal (PABSON) have signed an agreement regarding scholarships and admission fees for families of in-service police personnel, immortal police families and descendants of ex-police families in member schools affiliated to PABSON.

In the agreement letter, it is stated that PABSON will conduct a scholarship program in member schools for school education from 1st to 12th grade and 1 member school will provide full day scholarship to 1 student and in case of not being included in the scholarship, students will be admitted without charging admission fee.

On behalf of Nepal Police Wife Association, President Kusumalata Singh and President DK Dhungana on behalf of Private and Residential Schools Organization Nepal (PABSON) signed the agreement in Kathmandu on Sunday.

President Singh of the association expressed her gratitude for the support provided by PABSON by highly appreciating the contribution made by the police personnel, immortal police and ex-police personnel who have sacrificed their lives for the country and the people in addition to peace security and crime control. She said that the association and PABSON will continue to cooperate and coordinate in the future.

Dhungana, President of PABSON, while discussing that good work has started, said that he is happy to provide educational support to the children of police personnel who work tirelessly for peace and security. He said that such agreements will further help to upgrade the educational quality in coordination and cooperation with the Nepal Police Wives Association. The present agreement will be applicable for 2 years till the next year 2081.