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Nepal Request at COP27 to Increase Technical and Financial Assistance to Vulnerable Countries

News 18 Nov 2022 172 0

World Climate Summit COP27

In the international forum, Nepal has requested countries around the world to implement the climate commitment saying that climate change is increasing the economy, ecological system, and human damage of developing countries like Nepal. Addressing the high-level meeting of the 27th Conference of the Parties (COP27) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Sharm Al-Sheikh with the slogan of 'Together for Implementation', Nepal made a statement that the economy, ecosystem and human losses due to climate change presented.

Due to climate risks, countries like Nepal have suffered a huge loss of wealth and have also called for international climate financial and technical assistance to conduct mitigation and adaptation programs. Secretary of the Ministry of Forestry and Environment and head of the Nepali delegation for COP 27 Presenting a statement, Dr. Pem Narayan Kandel also called for economic and technical support for the problems faced by Nepal due to climatic risks, solutions, strategies, and risk mitigation.

"Despite its insignificant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, Nepal, being a weakly land-locked mountainous country, is facing the negative effects of climate change. As Nepal is facing climate-related disasters, it is causing great damage to the economy, ecosystem, and humanity," he said in his address to the meeting. And I urge the developed countries to ensure adequate technical and financial assistance to the environmentally weak countries."

Secretary Kadenal informed that Nepal has already made its National Determined Contribution (NDC) periodical and has set a target of zero carbon emission by 2045. During the speech, he said that effective implementation of the climate adaptation program is possible only through the participation of local stakeholders and local leadership.

"We have achieved the goal of maintaining 45 percent of the forest area by stopping deforestation, Nepal needs large financial resources and technology to transform its climate-related ambitions and plans into implementation," Kandel said.

Nepal has also expressed concern that the climate change policies and commitments are not being implemented by all countries, the carbon emission gap is increasing and the window to limit the temperature is almost closing (closing the window). Nepal has urged developed and economically emerging countries to set more ambitious targets by updating their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

He has also urged the global community to include the mountain agenda in the COP's communication processes in order to save the mountains in order to maintain the stability of the entire earth and the human race. He demands that financial facilities are needed for climate damage and loss.

At the 21st Climate Conference held in Paris, Kandel said that despite the fact that the heads of state have set a goal of limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees and keeping the temperature below 2 degrees Celsius this century, the published report shows that insufficient progress has been made to reduce the temperature level and emissions. He said that it is necessary to review and complete the historic Paris Agreement.

At COP27, the Nepali delegation and climate activists have expressed concern about how to protect the mountains from the effects of climate change. He expressed his concern that the issue of the Himalayas was not included in the world's priority after the agenda of the mountain region was not included as the main agenda in the COP27.

However, although the agenda of the mountain area is not included as the main agenda, efforts have been made to advance the negotiations by including the issues of the mountain area due to the climate in other sub-sector agendas. In various side events, Nepalese representatives are raising their voice by giving priority to the problems in the Himalayan region due to the climate. Dr. Pem Narayan Kandel, Secretary of the Ministry of Forests and Environment and head of the Nepalese delegation for COP27, while addressing the high-level Bankath, has given a statement saying that the agenda of the Himalayas should be given priority.

“Mountains are water towers, which provide ecosystem services, but, as mountains are fragile ecosystems, the climate crisis is making them more vulnerable than ever. Snow and ice melting from mountains contribute to sea level rise. It has not been able to receive the attention of the level," he said, "It is necessary to make the Himal agenda a major agenda in the upcoming COP and enter the COP negotiations."

The 15th Climate Conference held by Nepal in 2009 formed the Mountain Alliance Initiative, a network of mountainous countries. But when Cope came to 27, it could not take any shape.

Climate activist Geeta Pandey says that Nepal's initiative alone will not be possible to make the main discussion agenda on the mountain issue COP, and the issue of the mountain region should be activated by activating the network of mountain countries.

"Nepal has been raising the mountain issues with priority, but due to the climatic effects, the problems faced by the mountain areas have not been able to move forward in an integrated way. By cooperating with the mountain countries, the problems of the mountain areas brought by the climate can be solved and the issues can be included in the agenda as an agenda," she said. It is necessary to include the life and livelihood of the community in every agenda, it is necessary for Nepal to play a leading role to include the issue of the mountain region as the main agenda in the upcoming COP28.