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Nepal signed the Country Programme Framework (CPF) Related to International Atomic Energy

News 28 Sep 2022 250 0

Nepal signed the Country Programme Framework (CPF) Related to International Atomic Energy

Minister of Education, Science, and Technology Devendra Paudel has signed the Country Programme Framework (CPF) related to international Atomic Energy.

He signed the Country Program Framework (CPF) for 2022 to 2027 during the program in Austria. After the signing, Nepal will receive technical assistance in the fields of radiation safety, nuclear safety, food and agriculture, and health through the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In addition, support will be provided in nutrition, drinking water, environment, energy and industry, nuclear knowledge development and expansion.

On the same occasion, Minister of Education Paudel also addressed the 66th General Assembly of IEA. During his speech, he said that since Nepal is one of the signatories of international treaties or conventions on disarmament, Nepal is firm on the peaceful use of nuclear weapons.

Discussing Nepal's commitment to world peace and disarmament, Minister Paudel clarified that Nepal has been emphasizing that nuclear science and technology should be used for peaceful purposes within the security framework of the IAEA. He also discussed various policy measures adopted by Nepal in the field of nuclear science and technology.

On the same occasion, Minister Poudel also participated in the 50th anniversary of RCA. He said that the cooperation of IEA and RCA is important in the development of nuclear science and technology in Nepal. Minister Paudel said that Nepal is continuously working on enhancing its capacity in nuclear science and its peaceful use through various technical cooperation projects and RCA projects.