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Nepal Telecom Promotion Recommendation of 5th Level Assistant

News 26 May 2023 1278 0

Nepal Telecom (NTC Building)

Nepal Telecom Promotions Recommendation of 5th Level Assistant (Promotion of Performance Appraisal Assessment)

Nepal Telecom, also known as Nepal Telecommunication Company Limited, Central Office, Vacancy Committee, has released a notice regarding the recommendation for the promotion of Performance Appraisal Assessment. This notice, published on 208/02/12, aims to fill up vacant positions through the promotion process.

According to the regulations mentioned in the Staff Regulations, 2078 (with the first amendment) of Nepal Telecommunication Company Limited, the required service period in the current position should be completed by the employees seeking promotion. Additionally, the minimum educational qualification mentioned in Schedule 2 must be fulfilled by the candidates.

The promotion application forms were accepted through the online system within the specified period. The eligible candidates who meet the requirements mentioned in regulations 35, 36, 37, 39, 40, 41, and 42 will be considered for promotion. The selection will be based on the marks obtained in accordance with regulation 35 (1) and will follow an order of merit.

This notification serves the purpose of regulation 43 (1) and informs all concerned individuals about the recommended actions based on the decision of the recruitment committee on 2080/2/10 and 2080/2/11 for promotion.

Advertisement No. 21/2079/80 pertains to the position of Senior Technician in the Technical department at the Assistant Level, Level-5. The vacant positions available for promotion are ten (10).

Advertisement No. 22/2079/80 relates to the position of Senior Assistant in the Administration department at the Assistant Level, Level-5. There are seven (7) positions available for promotion in this category.

Nepal Telecom aims to ensure a fair and transparent promotion process, considering the performance appraisal assessment and fulfilling the required qualifications. The promotion of deserving employees will contribute to the growth and efficiency of the organization.

Notice Promotion List (Badhuwa Suchi)

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