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New Proposed Salary Scale of Government Employees in Nepal (Nijamati Karmachari)

News 08 Aug 2022 85024 0

Ministry of Finance Building

According to the proposed salary scale sent by the Ministry of Finance to the Council of Ministers for the final decision, the salary of officers to secretaries has been increased by 24 percent. Whereas in the budget of the current fiscal year 2079/80 announced on Jestha 15 last year, the salary of all government employees was increased by 15 percent with effect from the 1st of Shrawan. In the name of adjusting seniority, the government has proposed a salary higher than the one announced in the budget.

According to the proposal sent by the Ministry of Finance, the maximum salary of a Section Officer has been increased by 24.26 percent. According to which the Section Officer is currently getting 37 thousand 990 rupees as the salary of the initial scale, after the increase, he will get 47 thousand 208 rupees.

Similarly, the starting scale salary of the Undersecretary (Upa Sachiv) is currently 42 thousand 380 rupees, according to the proposal, it will increase by 23.35 percent to 52 thousand 279 rupees.

The starting scale salary of the Joint Secretary (Saha Sachiv) will also increase by 23.63 percent to Rs.61,500 from the current Rs.49,380. The salary of a special category secretary has been proposed to be increased by 18.21 percent to Rs.74,221.

The Ministry has sent a new salary proposal to the Council of Ministers so that officials of the same position will have the same salary scale. A proposal has been sent so that the salary scale of the employees of the same position of other services and civil servants of the same position will be the same. The Ministry of Finance has informed that the salary scale has been arranged according to the belief that the same salary should be equal for the same position, rather than increasing the salary as per the budget.

In the past, there has been dissatisfaction in the administration system because of the high salary of the army police officers who are below the rank of civil servants.

This subject of dignity and salary was admitted to the Committee on Industry and Commerce and Labor and Consumer Affairs under the House of Representatives. Then the committee wrote a similar letter to the Chief Secretary and the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance on 15th Shrawan.

It was instructed to adjust the salary scale for the year 2078/80 according to the order of merit so that the officials who are in the previous order of merit are more and the officials who are in the order of dignity are less.

In the letter written by the committee for the implementation of the decision, it is seen that the salaries of the employees in the previous order of merit have been set low, this has had a negative impact on the chain of command of the employees, there is no situation in which respect is shown according to the protocol and there is a lack of motivation and it has also affected the effective performance. , it is mentioned that the salary scale should be made apart from the other benefits received according to the nature of the group, sub-group.

According to the instructions of the committee, the Ministry of Finance has also approved the new salary proposal in the same way.