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Pokhara Multiple Campus Celebrated its 36th Anniversary and Inaugurated New Building

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Pokhara Multiple Campus Celebrated its 36th Anniversary and Inaugurated New Building

Pokhara Multiple Campus, Nayabazar celebrated its 36th foundation day on Wednesday. Established in 2044, this campus has inaugurated a new building.

Pokhara Multiple Campus, established as an alternative to Prithvi Narayan (PN) campus, has built its own building after a long time, keeping in mind the growing interest in education along with the increasing number of students.

Pokhara was established as the first community campus in the western region under the leadership of the Pokhara Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Regional Governor, Social Worker, and Education Lover with the slogan of 'Quality Education at Affordable Fees'. In the early days with the establishment, classes were conducted in the Humanities and Management Faculty at the certificate level.

Due to the policy change in the university, the certificate level was phased out and classes were conducted for humanities (BA) and management (BBS) level for graduation. As the educational policy of Nepal is changing, Mahendra Secondary School also started teaching up to class 12.

It is estimated that a budget of more than 90 million will be spent to build a 23-room facility-equipped, disabled and technology-friendly building. Now some rooms are under construction. For this, there is support of 50 lakhs from Tribhuvan University, 50 lakhs from internal sources, 50 lakhs 5000 from Chairman Lalchan, 35 lakhs from NMB Bank and businessmen, education lovers, social workers, intellectuals etc.

President Lalchan said that the campus, which was established by the community, was able to move to its own building with the support and harmony of the community. He said that he is thinking of carrying out more programs from the new building. He said that their aim is to provide education at an affordable price to lower-class students and those coming from faraway places. He believes that the location where the building is being constructed is quiet and suitable for the campus, which will increase the number of students.

Currently, 400 students are studying in BA and BBS 2 faculties, campus head Shishukala Parajuli informed. According to him, there are 29 professors and 9 staff in the campus. It will be easy to get QAA once the campus is operational in its own building. In the near future, the campus has moved forward to add a post-graduate level with science faculty.

Pokhara Multiple Campus organized a week-long program to celebrate its 36th anniversary. On Wednesday, before the new building was moved, the city was circumambulated with musical instrument playing.

Campus Board Chairman Lalchan said that with the help and support of Sampurrna Pokhreli, the campus was able to move to its own building. He said that there is a plan to add one more floor and he expects support for that as well. The construction committee had to pay its own expenses to build the campus building.

Campus head Shishukala Parajuli said the 36th anniversary was "special". Stating that there is a problem in adding new subjects due to a lack of physical structure, she said that the campus will start more faculties from the next academic session.

A bulletin containing the academic activities of the campus was also released on the occasion. Outstanding staff and professors have been honored by the campus. Apart from honoring the donors, the best students were awarded in various categories. The first and second-place schools were also awarded in the previous girls' volleyball competition.


Pokhara Multiple Campus

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