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Public School Enrollment Mandatory for Children of Government Salary in Jaljala Rural Municipality

News 03 May 2023 606 0

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Jaljala Rural Municipality Makes Public School Education Mandatory for Children of Government Salary Recipients

Jaljala Rural Municipality, Parbat makes it mandatory for children of government salary allowances to enroll in public schools to improve the quality of education and increase the number of students in public schools. Trivikram Acharya, Education Branch Officer, stated that the municipality's decision to enroll children in public schools will be strictly implemented, and monitoring will be done to ensure compliance.

The Executive Committee meeting under the chairmanship of Rural Municipality Chairperson Raju Acharya decided that the children of civil servants, public representatives, teachers, school employees, and other employees who receive salaries and allowances from state sources must be admitted to public schools from the new academic session.

The municipality is determined to collect data on children according to the call and campaign to teach their children in public schools, along with plans to improve educational quality. The rural municipality is also preparing to take additional decisions if they are not admitted to public schools as specified in the decision.

According to Chairperson Acharya, the quality of government schools will not improve until leaders, government employees, and teachers enroll their children in public schools. The rural municipality's decision to enroll children in public schools will address the declining quality of education and number of students in public schools caused by many people teaching their children in private schools.

The compulsory enrollment campaign in public schools will provide equal opportunities for all students and promote education as a fundamental right for all. This initiative will help bridge the education gap and create a brighter future for the students.

Published on 3rd May 2023


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