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Purchaudi Municipality Baitadi Provides Free Education up to Class 12

News 28 Sep 2022 212 0

Map of Purchaudi Municipality Baitadi

Students of Purchaudi Municipality Baitadi will be able to study up to class 12 for free. Since the municipality started paying the fees for classes 11 and 12, students got the opportunity to study for free. Mayor Deepak Bahadur Bam said that according to the announcement of free education up to class 12 in the election manifesto, the student fee has been deducted from the municipality.

The municipality has started paying student fees as the challenge to keep the children from the poor financial conditions in the upper class is increasing. Many students could not study because of poverty. Now, the school dropout rate has started to decrease after getting free education up to class 12 in the village. As the upper classes upgrade, the financial burden increases. Due to economic problems, the rate of dropping out of the upper classes is increasing. The municipality has started investing in education to reduce the number of students who drop out.

In eight schools within the municipality, the students have been able to study easily after the municipality started sending the monthly fees of the students of classes 11-12 to the school account. The municipality has conducted teacher management, material management, and other management activities with the goal that everyone can easily get a quality education in the village.

As the curriculum, textbooks, physical facilities of the school, learning environment and evaluation play a role in quality education, Mayor Bam informed that the municipality is paying attention to this aspect, strengthening the educational quality and performance-based incentive grants, the municipality also provides various programs for those who are deprived of education due to economic or social reasons, and who do not have access to school. It is said that the program has been brought. The municipality has said that it has introduced various plans for technical students including educational materials, and scholarships.

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