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Sudurpashchim Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Ready for Recruitment Process

News 06 Apr 2021 3980 0

Sudurpashchim Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Ready for Recruitment Process:

In Sudurpashchim Pradesh, the Province Public Service commission has been formed 20 months after the enactment of the Province Public Service Law. The commission is preparing to expedite the recruitment process from the province by advertising the vacancies from the new fiscal year.

In Sudurpashchim Pradesh, 39 percent of the posts are still vacant. The commission is ready to expedite the recruitment process for the vacant posts.

In the past, the provincial government claimed that government work was delayed due to a lack of staff. The commission claims that by recruiting staff, the performance of the two-level government (Province and Local Level) will be easier.

The province has a total of 2,311 postings, of which 470 are technical and 463 are non-technical. More than 900 postings are still vacant. Earlier, the provincial government had claimed that it would make the performance 100 percent successful by hiring employees on contract.

Laxman Khadka and Bhagarathi Rana are members of the Sudurpashchim Public Service Commission (Sudurpashchim Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog) formed under the chairmanship of Yagya Raj Bohara. In order to fill the vacancies of the employees, it seems necessary to increase the effectiveness of the public service by allowing it to work independently.

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