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Tribhuvan University Offers One-Time Viva Opportunity for Master's and M.Phil Students

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Tribhuvan University Offers One-Time Viva Opportunity for Master's and M.Phil Students

Tribhuvan University (TU), renowned for its diverse faculties including the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Institute of Science and Technology Studies, and Faculty of Education, has announced a significant decision benefiting Master's and M.Phil students. This decision comes as a crucial development for those who have partially completed their coursework but faced challenges in finalizing their academic requirements.

Key Aspects of the Announcement

  • Eligibility Criteria: This opportunity is aimed at candidates who have successfully passed the theoretical examination at the Master's and M.Phil levels at TU but have yet to complete their thesis, term paper, project report, internship, practical examination, or teaching practice.
  • Specific Focus: The decision particularly addresses students under the Master level annual system admitted for the first time in the year 2058 (2001 AD) and who appeared for their first-year examination in 2059 (2002 AD). Additionally, it includes students who have exceeded the time limit under the semester system.
  • One-Time Viva Submission: Eligible candidates are granted a one-time opportunity to submit their Viva. This must be done by the end of Ashad 2081 (Mid-July 2024) to their respective campus or department.

Approval and Implementation

  • Decision Basis: The Examination Reform and Coordinating Council made this decision on 2080/09/23, acknowledging the challenges faced by some students in completing their academic programs.
  • Approval for Implementation: The decision has been approved and will be implemented as stated, providing relief and a clear path forward for affected students.

Important Information for Students

This announcement from Tribhuvan University is a significant step in supporting students who have faced delays in their academic journey. It offers a chance to complete their degrees, which is vital for their academic and professional progress. Students who meet the criteria are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and contact their respective departments for further details and guidance on the Viva submission process. This initiative by TU reflects its commitment to student success and academic flexibility.

Published on 18th January 2024

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