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Urgent Notice from Tribhuvan University (2078-10-09)

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Urgent Notice from Tribhuvan University (2078-10-09): Due to the global epidemic, the new variant of Covid-19, including Omicron, is on the rise in Nepal; Special precautionary measures should be taken to control the potential risks and conduct the work with prior preparation and vigilance; This information has been published for the information of all concerned as per the decision of TU Executive Council regarding hospital and health-related bodies under Tribhuvan University Institute of Medical (IOM) and Institute of Agricultural and Animal Sciences.

A) Regarding daily office operation

(1) To provide services by arranging soap water and sanitizer in all the bodies/offices under the University and by adopting the standards of health security and creating a safe working environment. To inform the service recipients to come to the office only with the vaccination card.

(2) To manage the staff without stopping the work of the office. If it is possible to provide services from home online, the head of the body/head of the branch will make such employees work from home. Indicate in their presence that they have worked from home.

If the service has to be cut as per the instructions of the local administration, the head of the body will call the staff office as per the need and make arrangements for the rest to work from home.

(3) If any employee has to be discharged for seven days and hospitalized in case of infection

Giving leave for the duration of stay. To provide regular service only after cleaning the branches and rooms where such employees work.

(4) To make the work to be done through the emails provided by the bodies and offices under the University the emails provided by the University. Reply to emails received from inter-office and other agencies and service recipients immediately and take action.

(5) Each body shall provide to the service recipients detailed information on how much work related to their office can be done through email, how much can be done from existing technology in TU, who needs new technology, and how much direct service can be provided. . In case there is a need to make additional decisions in the field of performance, to prepare an action plan from the concerned body as per the specification and in case of exceeding the limit, corresponding to the office of the Registrar.

(6) In case of infection, inform the teaching staff under your body in the email of the TU Information and Public Relations Division at [email protected]

B) Regarding Classes

(1) In order to conduct online classes in a systematic manner, all campuses shall form a maximum of 7 members online class management committee under the coordination of the Assistant Campus Chief. All the departments will form a maximum of 5 members online class management committee under the coordination of the department head.

This committee will make all arrangements for conducting online classes and will not submit any progress report to the online class monitoring committee of the dean's office of the institute/faculty every week.

(2) All campuses and departments will make the routine of the online classes by January 24 and send it to the concerned dean's office.

(3) To conduct all theoretical classes online from 25th January.

(4) To make emails of all the teachers and staff who are yet to be emailed, all the agencies should send it to [email protected] in the format prescribed by the Information Technology and Innovation Center.

(5) To conduct the operation in physical presence by adopting the criteria of health security in relation to the experimental classes, practice teaching, internship, etc. which should be in physical presence. If there is a situation where physical classes can be taken in coordination with the local body, then physical classes can be taken.

(6) Each study institute/faculty shall form a 9-member online class monitoring committee with one member representative of the monitoring directorate under the coordination of the assistant dean to monitor the online classroom operation. This committee will assist in the operation of online classes and will monitor the online classes of all affiliated campuses.

(7) The online class monitoring committee of the Dean's Office of the Institute of Studies / Faculty will make arrangements for the students of the class enrolling less than ten students to take a pair of classes in the classroom of another campus/department.

(8) The online class monitoring committee of the dean's office of the institute/faculty will conduct training in coordination with the open and distance education center regarding class operation and examination.

(9) The details of the teachers who should be involved in the training related to online reading and examination should be made available by the campus/department to the online class monitoring committee of the dean's office of the institute/faculty as soon as possible.

(10) Arrangements will be made for online attendance of the teachers taking the prescribed classes online so that they do not have to attend the office. To keep the record up to date. Arrangements will be made to pay the remuneration to the teachers taking the class as usual.

C) Regarding examination

(1) To conduct the examinations under the Institute of Medicine (IOM) by following the criteria related to health protection and deciding from the same study institute.

(2) To make the internal assessment of the students to be done online. All study institutes/faculties will prepare the format and procedure for taking the exam online. To make necessary arrangements regarding internal evaluation and final examination in such procedure.

D) Other

(1) To conduct the meeting through virtual means. Even if you have to meet outsiders, do it through virtual means.

(2) To fully implement the orders issued by the Government of Nepal.

(3) To conduct daily administrative work in the necessary coordination with the local bodies keeping in view the information issued by them.

(4) The Campus Head shall make necessary arrangements in the dormitories of the Campus in coordination with the local bodies.

In addition to the above-mentioned issues, TU shall be made in accordance with the instructions, guidelines, and guidelines issued by TU regarding the conduct of classes through an electronic medium (online) and operation of open and distance education programs, 2077 and TU.

Published Date: 23rd January 2022 (2078 Magh 9)


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