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Lumbini Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy for 4th Level Admin Assistant

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Lumbini Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Notice

Lumbini Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy for 4th Level Admin Assistant: Province Public Service Commission, Lumbini Province Local Government Service Advertisement for Open and Inclusive Competitive Written Examination for Assistant Level IV (Non-Technical) Posts 

Notification regarding the number of posts to be filled by promotion

In accordance with the provisions of Section 12 of the Staff Adjustment Act, 2075, for the filling of vacant posts at various local levels of Lumbini Province, the posts that have been established by determining the percentage in accordance with the prevailing law among the assistant level 4th level (non-technical) posts of various service groups under the local government service (detailed details are placed on the Commission's website ) are reserved for internal competition and promotion. This notification has been published for the information of all concerned including the procedure for filling the post according to the law related to local-level service.

Notification regarding the number of posts to be filled through open and inclusive competitive examination

According to the provisions of Section 12 of the Staff Adjustment Act, 2075, vacant positions at the local level must be filled through an open and inclusive competitive examination; Online applications are invited from candidates who have qualified for the following posts. Candidates who meet the prescribed minimum qualifications should apply online through the commission's electronic application system

Administrative Service (Non-Technical) Assistant Level 4 Posts under Local Government Service:

Type of Examination:- As prescribed in the syllabus, (Written Examination, Computer Skill Test, and Interview).

Examination Center:- Butwal.

Medium of Examination:- The medium of examination may be Nepali or English or both Nepali and English.

Mode of application:- The application should be submitted through the Commission's electronic application system Detailed information about the method/method of submitting the application is in the User Manual placed on the same website. Candidates must ensure that their personal details are correct while filling out the electronic application. Candidates must mention their mobile number and email address while filling in the details.

Application fee:- Application fee is Rs. 400.- (four hundred) will have to be submitted. In the case of candidates who apply more in the inclusive group, for each additional group Rs. 200- (two hundred) will have to be paid more.

Method and place of submission of application fees:- After submitting the form through the online application system of the commission, choose one option of online payment or offline payment and make the payment. Candidates making online payment can make payment immediately using any of the designated wallets. Candidates who make offline payments should select one of the specified banks, print the voucher and go to the respective bank and submit it by the next day of double payment. Detailed information about this is in the User Manual placed on the website.

Last date for submission of application:- Up to 2079-08-15 and double payment till 2079-08-23.

Candidate's age limit: - For civil service posts as per prevailing law, completed 18 years of age by 2079-08-15 and not exceeding 35 years in case of male candidates and not exceeding 40 years in case of female and disabled candidates. There will be no age limit in case of permanent civil servants.

Documents to be submitted: Applicants should fill in all the details as requested, both front and back of their citizenship, passport size photograph and signature scanned in JPG format and other documents like: Certificate of minimum educational qualification required for the post of applicant, applicant in inclusive group. In the case of candidates, the documents showing the inclusion details must be scanned and uploaded in PDF format at the specified location. If the documents are not submitted in the specified format, the admit card will not be printed, so the documents must be uploaded in the specified format.

Special Request: If the application is not submitted as per Section 13 of the State Public Service Commission Operational Guidelines, 2077 or if it is submitted negligently, the application will be canceled at the time of submission and there will be no hearing on the application canceled for any reason, so please take special care while filling the application form.

The details of the notification are placed on the Commission's website.

Publication date: 2079-07-25

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